Sunday, April 24, 2011

Breakfast with the bunny and Easter Day 2011

So Saturday morning we had breakfast with the bunny! It was awesome! Everybody was there, Grandma (who is now Mah) and Grandpa (who's Pop), Grammy, Pampaw, Uncie David and of course Mom, Dad and Kye. Oh and Elmo, Mr. and Mrs. Bunny, a Ducky (A.K.A. The Dirt Cheap Chicken) and a Frog were there to greet us. Kye was in heaven! 
Yep it was a little wet our but, we had a blast anyway!
Awe the Frog loves Mah and Pop!

I absolutely love this picture of my favorite boys

"Awe Ma, Dad! Really? Right now, in front on the Frog!"

So much to look at...apparently not the camera! ha ha

Oh yea Ron got gotten!

and...The Dirt Cheap Chicken...

Checking out a kangaroo

wittle bird house

Fun fun in the rain

looking for eggs