Friday, July 31, 2009

Oh my what is this!!!!

Kye got his first bottle today!! The nurse said he did better then most for his first time around. He drank almost his entire bottle with no incidents! I’m so excited! He’ll get one bottle a day to start out. They said because he has to do so many things at once, breath, swallow, and suck that he burns calories while he eats so they don’t want him to lose weight doing it! The doctor still has concerns about his weight so he’s putting him back on the fortifier. Not as much as before but, he feels even a little will be beneficial.

They haven’t gotten to the test., they’ll do it on Monday. Dr. Chao says it’s not his lung it’s his diaphragm that they see on the xray, so the test they do on Monday will show whats going on with it. He’s not overly concerned about anything right now. I’ll keep ya posted.

Oh yea, Uncle Mikey came to see him today!!!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

He's doing great! Up to 12 ml on feeding. Weights the same. Xray didn't show anything different. Will write more later if I get to a pc

Wed July 29

Kye loves his new crib; he’s so much more relaxed, and he’s maintaining his temperature, like a good little boy! They did do the swallow test, which consists of four xrays after he’s swallowed a dye. This test will show how much he’s refluxing and how fast things are moving through him. They know he has acid reflux they just don’t know to what extent…anyway they’ve started him on Zantac. They still have to look over the test and talk to the doctor, we should find out something tomorrow.

I’m not sure if it’s the meds or the new crib, or maybe the combo but, he seems much happier tonight! We gave him a bath and he didn't throw a fit! Sweet progress!! He’s still at 3lbs 13 oz…maybe I need to eat more donuts!!!

He may have even enjoyed the bath a little. He hates to be naked and out in the open though!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Tuesday July 28th

Haven't gotten his weight yet. The xray was the same so they'll do the swallow test tomorrow. That'll tell us if its acid re-flux. The doctors don't actually know whats going on with him exactly. He said today he could simply be they upped his feedings to 11.5ml and they're thinking of trying to feed him orally. Since he's on continuous feeds now what they'll do is stop the machine for an hour or so, then try to feed him (also turn it back on). We'll see how that goes. It would be nice if that's all thats causing his fussiness and desaturations. I have my fingers crossed! Dr. Chao said he'd like to see him gain about 6 oz a week...and so would I!!
They put him in a crib!! Yeaaa... as long as he can maintain his temp he'll be fine. This big bed swallows him up!!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Monday July 27

Here are a few pictures i thought were cute...
Chill'n on my belly in my new 'fit'

Napping with mama

Not sure what this look is!

isn't he sweet??

Well they didn't do his xray this morning, they'll do it tomorrow...

He was feeling a little better today. I got a few smiles out of him! Unfortunately not enough to catch on film. They went up on his feedings to 10ml and so far he's tolerating them just fine. He didn't like the vitamin they gave him though,he decided to spit that right back at'm!

He's weight is holding steady at 3lb 13oz. No word on the swallow test, I think they'll wait until the xrays come back.

The doctors have also decided to try the fortifier again. I'm not very happy about it but, he said it's really good for them and it helps them grow. Apparently our little Kye is a little small for his age and they wanna give him a little boost. I hope it works out this time. He said the older he gets the better chance he'll be able to tolerate it, I guess we'll see. ..

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sunday July 26..later

Today was a good day!!
For Zeke's birthday Eli and I made him breakfast, I know scary but, it turned out pretty good! Then we went to the Mills, rode go carts, played putt-putt, and wasted some coin on video games!Oh yeah and I made'm a cake! All in all it was a great day.

Later I gave Kye a bath and tucked him in. Here he is after his bath. He seems to be feeling better tonight. I don't think he's back to his complete self but, closer. They've taken him off the IV fluids and upped his milk to 9ml over an hours time. Next step is every two hour feeding instead of continuous. They'll do an xray tomorrow to check out his belly and chest, to see if he's refluxing.

Sunday July 26th

Happy Birthday Daddy!!!
Kye's doing good, still not feeling tip top. Clinically he's good but, he's not himself. Tomorrow I think they'll do a swallow test to see if he's aspirating his milk. It's a dye they can see on an xray that way they can see if he's refluxing his milk and it's getting into his lung. If that's the case they'll probably put him on Zantac or something. Again this is all pretty normal for a preemie, I truly thought we'd get by with little or no such luck! He's a strong little guy though, he'll be fine. My heart aches for him though, it's so tough to see him feeling less then himself.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Saturday July 25th

Well Kye kept desating yesterday. He was having long periods of desaturation instead of the quick little dips he’d had before. They did a blood test and his red blood cells were down again, no surprise for his gestational age. The doctors decided to do another blood transfusion, which is better considering it could have been an indication of an illness. A blood transfusion is much more acceptable and preferable over a virus or bacteria. So they started it at around ten last night, and because he’s bigger (he got an extra cc) it had to be split up into two, he just wrapped up the second one this morning at ten. They also use the same donor; his chance of reaction was slim to none. He’s doing great, he didn’t gain much from last night, you’d think he would right?! He only gained a half oz. Well our little vampire is doing fantastic!!

I’ll tell you what though, as normal as they say this all is I can’t wait until he’s stable…for good…

Friday, July 24, 2009

Friday July 24

He weighs 3bl 13oz!!! He's doing good, had a couple of desats today but he pulled himself out of them.
They went up on his feeds and down on the IV. Next step is completely off IV!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Thur July 23..later

Heres the picture I was trying to upload!

Isn't he cute with his little smirk!! He's done well all day long, no de-sats at all. We listened to the Beatles while we cuddled today, I think he's a fan!! He smiled and grinned the entire time!! Grammy'll be so proud!

Thur July 23

Kye's doing good. I couldn't get the picture to upload :(
He weighs 3lb 11.5oz. He's got some chubby cheeks!! His breathing is good, he's at 2 liters and 25% oxygen with no de-sat's all night and today.
Daddy was going to learn infant massage this morning but Kye's temp was 97, a little cool so, they decided to hold off. The massage is to incorporate positive touch. Kye stresses out when they get in there to do his care (diaper, temp, etc..) It's common among preemies because their skin is extra sensitive, especially at first. At this point he can tolerate touch but, I think he's just so used to being annoyed or poked he assumes that's going to be the case when they get in with him. When he stresses out he arches his back, straightens his arms and legs out and completely tenses his entire body up and that could contribute to his reflux. Anyway, the massage is a great way to show him that not all touch is uncomfortable. There's a lady here that specializes in it and will come by periodically to massage him, even if we're not here...I know sounds weird but, she's awesome! We took a class with her and she's extremely knowledgeable in her field. I wonder if I could talk her into an adult massage...wonder what she'd do if I striped down to my skivvies and laid on the couch with some baby oil (only cause they have a lot of it here) next to me...I mean I'd have a towel on.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


3lbs 10oz!!! Yeaaaa look at this fluffy boy!! Well things are pretty good. His feeds are goin up as planned!

The spot in his lungs is back though... They think he's aspirating his milk. The theory at this point is that he's re-fluxing his milk then breathing it in. It's not a huge deal right now. It's pretty normal for preemies, usually they grow out of it. So, we'll keep an eye on him for now.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tue July 21

Well we had a nice run...Kye's back on oxygen :(. Oh well, give him a few more days, I suppose. He's been breathing a little fast and kind of grunting over the last day or so. These are indications that he's struggling a little to get air. The little sac's in his lungs just aren't fully developed and he has to work over time to make them work. Today he had a couple de saturation's so, to be safe, they put his oxygen back on. He's doing great though! He's going to get an eye exam today...weird right? Not the, 'cover your left eye and read as far as you can' kind of eye exam. They're just going to look in there and see if everything is developing as it should.

Tue July 21

3LB 8OZ!!! Our boy is growing!! They've gone up to 4.5ml on his feeds, it's on a continuous flow over an hours time. He's also doing great without the oxygen!

I'll post more later if I have more, as this info was from last night.

For everyone who wanted the recipe...please call or email me. I've decided I want to keep the blog strictly Kye orientated :)

Monday, July 20, 2009

Monday July 20th

Happy Birthday Kye!!!!

He's a month old today!

He weighs 3lb 6 oz! Thats kind of a big gain so they warned that it could be some water weight and may come off.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sunday July 19

AAAAAAAHHHHHH My daddys getting me!!!!!

So Kye is awesome, he's off the oxygen tube! His feeds are up to 3ml, from 1.5. He's doing absolutely fantastic. He got to spend the entire afternoon being lazy with dad.

Oh I love my boys!!

We're trying to decide what color his eyes are. They're looking green to me but, they may not be done changing yet...we'll see...

Oh here are a few pictures of the super awesome finished kitchen! Isn't it beautiful? The hard work has finally paid off.

To the left of the stove is the shelf that Zeke built.

THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much to everyone who helped out. This would have been a long, hard, dirty, nasty, argument filled, road had you not been there. We appreciate you VERY MUCH

Sunday July 19

This was Kye last night, he's was wonderful! In a great mood and cute as ever. No changes as of yet. His weight is that same. They may take the oxygen out today the nurse is going to look through his file and see what Dr. Schwartz recommended.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Friday July 17

The boy is back in full form!! He weighs 3lb 3oz!!!! He’s HUGE!!! They got the PICC line in (not pick…who knew) , which stands for peripherally inserted central catheter. It’s an itty bitty tube threaded into a vein that stretches all the way to the heart, well just below it. They use’m because they’re more stable then IV’s, last longer and are less prone to infection. He needs it because when they start his feeds again(tomorrow J) they’ll start slow and he’ll still need additional nutrition. Oh yea they may take the oxygen tube off tomorrow or Sunday! He hasn’t had any issues AT ALL!!!

I’m so happy to see this boy smiling!!!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Thur July 16

He did well with the transfusion, and he's already looking better! After four long days I finally got to hold him!! He was smiling and fussing just like the baby I know!
So far he's doing great with his breathing too. Everything looks good. He's probably going to get a pick-line again though. They'll start feeding him again on Saturday but, he won't be able to tolerate the amount he was getting before. He'll need to have the IV so a pick-line makes more sense. Poor kid has been through the wringer this week. Hopefully he's over this particular 'bump'. They keep telling us in the preemie world you take two steps forward and one step back...there will be bumps in the road..etc... whewwww first and last bump??? I have my fingers crossed.
I feel I should mention this on the blog...
We've decided, after talking to the nurses, that it's best for Kye not to have any hands on with anyone besides us. Not that we don't carry germs but, less people handling him, less chance to pass something. We've been treating him like a full term baby and not taking the precautions we probably should have. He can't fight infections and viruses like all the other babies so it's not fair to treat him like the other babies. So at least until he gets bigger he's got to depend on mama and daddy to be held...which isn't a problem;)
And for the time being, until he's over this bug, we're limiting visitors too. I'll let you know when he's strong enough.

Thur 16th

Well Kye IS feeling better but, not back to normal. He's still having some episodes of de-saturation...not enough oxygen in his blood. Sometimes when this happens his heart rate dips so, they wanted to figure out why. This morning Dr. Schwartz decided to test his blood, I can't remember the technical term but, in layman's terms...he wanted to see how much oxygen his blood was caring. The idea is that maybe his blood isn't able to carry the oxygen they are giving him and that's why he's desating. Turns out that's exactly the issue. There are a couple reasons for this, one is that they are taking a lot of blood for tests and two his bone marrow is still to small to create the blood he needs to do the job. So they've decided to do a blood transfusion...It's NOT as scary as it sounds! The nurse explained it to me this way.

You have 10 trucks that are carrying rocks across the quarry, he has only 5. They are getting the job done but, getting tired in the process. They are just going to give him a few truck to help out. His numbers were actually borderline. It's not an emergency to do this. They just decided to do it because he'll feel better faster that way.He'll be getting about 15ml of blood, that's about 2 tablespoons. He should start feeling better later on today. The transfusion will take about 4-5 hours, it'll go in his foot through an IV. Apparently preemies have this done often. The nurse said this is not an uncommon procedure around the NICU. So don't worry, he's a strong little dude..he's still the feistiest!

Oh I wanted to post a picture of his bed, it's beautiful!! And I love the monkey bedding Grammy gave him!!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Wed 14th

The reason the last posts are so short is because I posted them from my phone. For some reason I can only type in the title area of the blog when accessing from my Mobile. Anyway, for one or another reason I couldn't get to a computer.

He's better today...not back to normal but, better.

This is yesterday...

You can't see it clearly but, there's a larger tube that goes into his mouth. It's attached to the aqua colored apparatus that's strapped and taped to his cute little cheeks. There are also numerous cords, hoses, and sticky probes attached to just about every available area of his tiny body. Not a pretty sight to say the least...BUT HE"S GETTING lets focus on that!

Throughout the night, when the nurses got in with him to change his diaper or whatever, he'd throw a fit. That's much more then he'd been doing before. Now that's more like our kye!! He's more active but, not back to his full potential just yet!

Today you can tell he doesn't feel great but, he's much more relaxed without the bulky ventilator.The fluid in his lung seems to be getting better and the air in his bowel is moving. All good news for sure! We still don't know the 'why' of it all though. They're going to keep him on IV nutrition for another few days and then try milk again. I believe Dr. Schwartz has decided to leave out the fortifier as well. Now we just wait for him to get stronger.
Looking more content today!
His last weight was 2bl 15.1 oz, that was Sunday. He probably won't be weighed again for another few days. The nutrition he's receiving through the IV has fat and calories in addition to all the good vitamins he needs so, he should continue gain. Breast milk is still the absolute best for him so they'll get him back on it as soon as possible! Mmmmm Ummm good!

Wed 15th.. Ventalator is OUT! He's makng his way back:). I'll post some pictures later on today and explain why this is so short.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Tue 14th later.... The x-ray was good :) nothing new to report.

Tue July 14

We still don't know exactly what's going on with Kye. Last night his doctor called to tell us they were going to put him back in the ventilator. He was intavented right after birth for a day or so. So this is a set back but a necessary one. She said when he's awake he's fine. He's breathing normally, his oxygen saturation is great but, when he falls asleep he has periods where he completly stops breathing. This is typical for a sick preemie but, what isn't typical is how many times he does it.
Although this is a setback it's only because he's sick, not because he's regressing in his progress.

So our little sugar butt looks pretty pitiful right now. It's really difficult to see him this way. He's usually so full of smiles and spunk. Right now hes just lying there, listlessly. He can't let out a wail because of the ventilator but he tries his hardest, face scrunches up and he let's out a silent cry. It's clear he doesn't feel good and on top of it all hes uncomfortable. The tube going to his lungs isn't very flexible so he can't move his head much. I've been here for awhile and have spoken to many nurses and a couple doctors. At first they were giving me a wide range of diagnosis's (is that even a word??). Anywhere from bacteria in his blood (not as bad as it sounds) to bacteria in his bowel, which could range from fairly harmless, to surgery kind of dangerous. It's hard to filter through everything that they say and make sense of it. So I waited to post anything until I spoke to his primary Doctor, Dr. Schwartz. He just left and here's what he said... Kye really has no signs if any bowel bacteria anymore, if he ever did. We know there's something going on because the lab results show ' an inflammation' BUT it doesn't say where. Things that are typical of that kind of infection, bloody stool, increased white blood coount ( or decreased, I can't remember which) and a stagnant bowel as shown by xrays over time, Kye doesn't have. They are slightly concerned with a spot on his intestine thats not moving or is moving slowly so he'll have another xray at 2. But so far all signs point to a GI virus. This is great news! It means he just sick and he just has to go through it. I mean, it is worse for him because he's so small and his immune system is underdeveloped but better then the other causes. There's just no way to prove this but time. One reason he thinks this is because Kye progressively got sicker in spite of the antibiotics. A bacteria would begin to clear, a virus doesn't respond to them.
So they'll keep him on the antibiotics just to be safe, continue fluids and hold off on feedings until he improves. Were not out if the woods but we can see the other side.I'm exhausted, I'm hungry,and for the first time in a long time I want to smoke (I won't) so I think I'm going to take a nap...after I eat.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Monday July 13th

Kye isn't feeling so good today. We still don't know exactly whats going on with him. The doctor doesn't seem to be overly concerned. He said his color is good, his white blood cell count is good, he's really not showing a lot of indicators of infection. His belly is distended and he hasn't pooped in awhile. They gave him a larger feeding tube to see if some of the air would come out, and it is.
He's acting a little more mellow then usual to so I know hes not feeling well.
The fluid in his lungs( we're pretty sure) is a result of him pulling his feeding tube out while he was 'eating.' It should clear up on it's own. That could have began a cycle....we're hoping anyway...The fluid in his lung caused him to breath shallow, which caused the nurses to raise his oxygen level, which MAY have forced air into his belly causing it to bloat.
Personally, I think the fortifier is messing with him again. The last time he was on it he wasn't pooping. I'm hoping that this is all, stop the fortifier, give him some glycerin, and some antibiotics and tomorrow he'll be back to his rambunctious self.
The doctor did order the glycerin and he decided not to start his feedings back up till he checks him in the no fortifier. Don't panic though they aren't letting him starve! His IV is feeding him everything he needs right now.
I did get a few smiles out of him!
His breathing is still a little worrisome, he keeps 'forgetting' to breathe. This is an indicator of an far the only one.
The test results will be in tomorrow and Dr. Schwartz ordered another x-ray to see how things are moving.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sat July 12th

Well let's see…Grandpa and grandma Knight came into town to help with the kitchen and to see Kye, of course! They got into town on Friday night and went straight up to the hospital. Grandpa finally got to hold his grand-baby…

The kitchern is 99% done and it looks fabulous!! I’ll post a few pictures later this week.

He weighs 2lb13.5oz! He’s growing!! He is now at the weight that they’ll start testing him to see if he can maintain his own temperature. They start slowly, so far they've had his body constantly monitored and the bed set on ‘body temp’. In other words if he cooled down the bed would compensate and adjust itself accordingly. Now they’ll switch to manual, taking his temperature every few hours, and they’ll lower the air inside the bed as he keeps up. They also let him get dressed! Here’s his very first outfit…

Since yesterday he’s been having a hard time breathing. They’ve gone up on his liters to 3 and up to 30% oxygen (you and I breathe 21%). There are several reasons this could be happening. His feeding tube could be curled in his esophagus, acid reflux, infection, or he simply needs more oxygen. Because it’s a new development the doctors decided to do an x-ray. That would prove or exclude the feeding tube idea. Well his feeding tube was fine but, they did find a small amount of fluid in his right lung. Now, this could be an infection or it could be from lying on that side. They’re doing a blood panel; we should know something by tomorrow or Tuesday. As a precaution, they started him on an antibiotic, unfortunately it had to be given through an IV. He did great though, no crying or squirming! Took it like a champ! Don’t be to worried the nurse said (assuming its an infection) it’s not uncommon in preemies. It’s just a matter of clearing it up with antibiotics. Minor set back if any!!!

They’ve ran some blood test and we’re waiting on the results now. Should be back in 24-48 hours.

Here's our poor little Kye with his IV. They couldn't find a better spot then his hand

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Thur July 9

Here's Kye's new room! Well he's been there for a few days now. This is NICU South. Private rooms, more peaceful, he's definitely a different baby here. He's way more calm..instead of being called feisty he's now 'a very alert baby'! He doesn't fuss nearly as much. This room is kinda small but, considering where we came from it's still a luxury!

As of last night he still weighs the same. They have started giving him the fortifier again...must fatten you up!

Daddy got to help with his first real bath and apparently he HATED IT!! They have a little tub with a 'hammock' for the babies to rest in as they're submerged in water. Sounds peaceful right? Not so much for Kye...Zeke said he arched his back to the point that only his little toes were in the water! Bright red and mad as hell is how he spent his first bath! Well there's plenty more where that came from little man!!! Get used to it!
Here he is 'eating'. Hes beginning to root around, looking for a bottle/nipple when he gets hungry. When we give him the pacifier right at feeding time his eyebrows go up, his hands start fidgeting in his 'hair' or at his ear, his legs kick out, and his toes curl. He's super content!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Not much to report... Kye's great! Everything is going smoothly. Now it's all about time. Waiting for his little body to grow, his lungs to get stronger, and his coordination (swallow, suck, and breath) to form. The nurse told me that we can start bottle feeding him at about 34 weeks. This Thursday he'll be 33 weeks. Seems like he's been here so much longer then 3 weeks! I can't wait to feed him. Well last night at his bath he weighed the same, his feedings have gone up to 16cc. They completely cut out the fortifier, his belly didn't agree with it.

Here's a picture after his bath, he 's a little worn out!

The straps you see are there to comfort him not restrain him...although they do that to, he doesn't like to stay put sometimes! Because at his age, he'd still be in utero he's likes to have boundaries. When he kicks his leg or arm out, which he does involuntarily because his nervous system isn't complete, it's comforting for it to be confined and not to flail around all willie nilly! So that's the reason he looks strapped in!
And here's some progress on the kitchen. The first one is before
And after..Thanks Yagers for all the help! Ryan you have a long career in the priming area of the construction trade if you so choose ;)

Now for dishwasher (I've NEVER had one!!!) sink, and counter tops!! Joe and Cheri will be up this weekend to help with that. If all goes well I should have a clean house by Monday...keep your fingers crossed!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Monday July 6

Kye has the huccups!!

Thought this was tooooo cute!

Wow, two days!! Sorry about that! The kitchen is inching closer to functioning! Very exciting! I’m loving the way it’s turning out.

Kye is awesome, I spend most of the afternoon napping with him on my chest. What a feeling, there really is nothing like it. Here’s a great smile…

Here’s one of Kye and daddy..he keeps ripping his feeding and oxygen tubes out so the nurse put a cool white piece on his little lip to keep everything in place!

He's 2lbs 11.3 oz and 15 in long!! He's growing!!!! His oxygen is holding steady but, not steady enough to take it off. His umbilical cord fell off so, we'll be able to give him a proper bath soon!!! He's starting to spend some time looking around now. I've noticed that he can respond to voices and I THINK he was following me with his eyes today! He's moving right along!

Well thats it for now.


Saturday, July 4, 2009

Sat July 4th


Looking stunning in an Ann Original....Ready to party!

His weight is 2.9!!! Back to where we started!!! Now he can only go up, hopefully. No more huge poops kiddo. They also went up on his feedings, he's at 15cc now. They were adding a fortifier to his milk to help him gain weight. The fortifier added 4 calories to each oz of milk. His stomach didn't like it much so they backed off, now they add only enough to add 2 calories. We'll see how it goes.
He also got his pick-line out! I was really excited until the nurse told me he still can't be emerged in water. His umbilical cord has to fall off first. Oh well tomorrow is still going to be the best bath of his life!!! I get to lotion him up too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here's a pic of our little family...

Kye got a new blankey today too! Grammy made it with her very own little fingers!! She learned how to knit when she found out I was pregnant and here's the result!! It's beautiful! I'm very impressed, considering that I only have the patience to knit a tube... Grammy's first try is amazing. I love it and now he'll always have one with him. When I take Grammy's home to wash I'll bring Great grandma's back up! It's perfect.

We took a nap with it today ;)

Friday, July 3, 2009

Thursday July 2 (actually 3rd)

Kye is 32 weeks today!!! Happy uummm Gestational age sweetie!
So with preemies there’s gestational age and chronological age. Chronologically he’s 13 days old.
In the world of preemies, we go by gestational age, because a baby’s brain start to develop at conception not birth. So when Kye is eight months old we’ll adjust his activities to that of a six month old (because he was two months early)…it’s only fair!

The experts say that for every month they’re early give them a year to catch up. In other words when our little man is two he’ll be developmentally and physically caught up to ‘normal’… of course you have to consider his parents when factoring in what ‘normal’ means ;).

They’ve stopped his IV fluids! His nurse said that if all goes well they’ll take out the pick-line, what the IV hooks into, in 24-48 hours. That means we will be able to give him a REAL bath!! So far, we’ve only given him sponge baths. Which he can't really decide if he likes or not!

This picture looks like it's right out of 'The Blair Witch Project'!

He’s gained a little too…he’s up to 2.73 AND I personally changed two poopy diapers! This kid is smiling all over the place too. It’s weird to think that these are the things he’d be doing in utero…fascinating huh. Well not so much the poop thing.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Thursday July 2nd

I talked to one of the residents and I'm a lot more clear on whats going on in regard to the bacteria he carries. After they do the treatments, 10 baths and some nose 'salve', he should be free of it. The reason they are so cautious with this is because the babies have a lowered immune system and it could cause many different issues including pneumonia, which is rare. Family and friends that come by are encouraged to wash hands before and after contact with him to avoid giving it back to him.

Oh his feedings are bumped up to 12cc. I think that's about 1/2 oz. I suck at math so I could be completely off base! They'll bump him up everyday from here on out! He's doing extremely well from what I've heard...knock on significant setbacks.The oxygen thing really isn't a huge deal, he just needs time. In a few days they'll try again. Also, next week they'll start trying to bottle feed him. They'll test for 'rooting', which is what babies do when they're 'reaching for a bottle with their lips'. We'll see how that goes. We were told that beginning to bottle feed can be very frustrating, as they are very interested one day and not at all the next. It can feel like it's taking forever to get them to eat. He's spending most of his time these days sleeping, which is when they do the most growing. He did go down in weight last night, 2.55. The nurse said he just pooped so maybe thats why! ha just like daddy!!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Wed. July 1

Kye’s doing great! He’s eating well and I think they’ll take him off IV tomorrow. That means he’ll just be having what I can produce. It’s supposed to help them gain weight faster then hospital ‘food’! He’s also back on Oxygen; poor guy just can’t get the breathing thing down quite yet. It’s not really helping him breath anyway, just blowing hard enough to remind him to inhale.

Oh he moved down to the South Side!!! Larger room, more privacy, a couch, and chair. It’s way more homey. It also means he’s more stable and he doesn't need constant care but that’s not the entire reason they moved him. They found out that he’s a CARRIER for an infection commonly found in hospitals. About 30% of the general population is a carrier and even more in the health care industry, and never know it. They culture babies in the NICU (Neonatal intensive care unit) because infection could be really bad for some of the babies there. HE IS NOT INFECTED with anything! The only reason they know he’s carrier is because he’s in the hospital and it’s routine to check them. Most people walk around never knowing and never actually become infected. Its nothing to worry about, he won’t have to do anything special or be treated differently then any one else. It took us all day to reaslie that this is actually no big deal to us in the outside world. They are treating in with antibodies and special medicated baths. As a precaution the staff will wear gloves and gowns when they touch him but, family and friends don’t have to.

He was on his way to this side of the hospital; this just bumped him up a notch! He’s also starting to maintain his own body temp! That exciting news!!

Tuesday June 30th...again

So I've decided I'm going to print this entire blog for Kye... eventually. I want him to know how much trouble he's caused! ;) And how much love he's brought us and all of you. I think it'll be nice to have this as a memento.
I'm also going to include all of the comments so, be sure to leave your thoughts! Besides, I enjoy reading what everyone has to say and I love that so many people are watching our little man grow right along with us!
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