Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Not much to report... Kye's great! Everything is going smoothly. Now it's all about time. Waiting for his little body to grow, his lungs to get stronger, and his coordination (swallow, suck, and breath) to form. The nurse told me that we can start bottle feeding him at about 34 weeks. This Thursday he'll be 33 weeks. Seems like he's been here so much longer then 3 weeks! I can't wait to feed him. Well last night at his bath he weighed the same, his feedings have gone up to 16cc. They completely cut out the fortifier, his belly didn't agree with it.

Here's a picture after his bath, he 's a little worn out!

The straps you see are there to comfort him not restrain him...although they do that to, he doesn't like to stay put sometimes! Because at his age, he'd still be in utero he's likes to have boundaries. When he kicks his leg or arm out, which he does involuntarily because his nervous system isn't complete, it's comforting for it to be confined and not to flail around all willie nilly! So that's the reason he looks strapped in!
And here's some progress on the kitchen. The first one is before
And after..Thanks Yagers for all the help! Ryan you have a long career in the priming area of the construction trade if you so choose ;)

Now for dishwasher (I've NEVER had one!!!) sink, and counter tops!! Joe and Cheri will be up this weekend to help with that. If all goes well I should have a clean house by Monday...keep your fingers crossed!

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  1. He is gorgeous! It was so nice to see you tonight!
    Luv ya,