Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Tuesday June 30th...again

So I've decided I'm going to print this entire blog for Kye... eventually. I want him to know how much trouble he's caused! ;) And how much love he's brought us and all of you. I think it'll be nice to have this as a memento.
I'm also going to include all of the comments so, be sure to leave your thoughts! Besides, I enjoy reading what everyone has to say and I love that so many people are watching our little man grow right along with us!
You can comment on any of the posts even old ones......
Just in case you've forgotten or your new to the blog
You can comment without creating an account.
Where is says 'Comment as' --choose anonymous
That should do it!


  1. yay! i think that's an awesome idea. kye is already loved by so many people.......i can't wait till we get to monkey boy in his monkey room with his dog monkey.

  2. I know, I have 'monkeys' everywhere!

  3. My little great grandson has changed so much in such a short. I can't wait to hold him I love him so much.

  4. Hey! I'm the one said that said I just wanna snatch him up and kiss him all over his itty bitty head! Hopefully I get to soon! He's such a cute little feller! Love you guys,,Great Aunt Peggy

  5. Hi Kye:
    We met you today (Aunt Kim And Uncle Scott)
    I wanted to climb in your bed with you, but I figured the nurse would throw me out. You have so much hair. You look like your Grandpaw long and linky (Rug head)well thats another story will tell you about that name later .I miss you I cant wait till they say I can hold you . I guess right now your to small and we need you to grow . Love Aunt Kim