Thursday, July 9, 2009

Thur July 9

Here's Kye's new room! Well he's been there for a few days now. This is NICU South. Private rooms, more peaceful, he's definitely a different baby here. He's way more calm..instead of being called feisty he's now 'a very alert baby'! He doesn't fuss nearly as much. This room is kinda small but, considering where we came from it's still a luxury!

As of last night he still weighs the same. They have started giving him the fortifier again...must fatten you up!

Daddy got to help with his first real bath and apparently he HATED IT!! They have a little tub with a 'hammock' for the babies to rest in as they're submerged in water. Sounds peaceful right? Not so much for Kye...Zeke said he arched his back to the point that only his little toes were in the water! Bright red and mad as hell is how he spent his first bath! Well there's plenty more where that came from little man!!! Get used to it!
Here he is 'eating'. Hes beginning to root around, looking for a bottle/nipple when he gets hungry. When we give him the pacifier right at feeding time his eyebrows go up, his hands start fidgeting in his 'hair' or at his ear, his legs kick out, and his toes curl. He's super content!


  1. Hi Kye:
    I am your aunt Kim and I wanted you to know how much I love you and pray every day for the little oz.s that you gain. Your room at the hospital is great. I cant wait for you to see your room at home THAT MOMMIE AND DADDY MADE FOR YOU . MY TEARS FALL WHEN I SEE HOW BEATIFUL YOU ARE YOUR PERFECT. Love Aunt Kim

  2. Kye, you are getting more adorable everyday!

  3. Kye's ok to hate the bath...Ryder did its his favorite!!!