Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sat July 12th

Well let's see…Grandpa and grandma Knight came into town to help with the kitchen and to see Kye, of course! They got into town on Friday night and went straight up to the hospital. Grandpa finally got to hold his grand-baby…

The kitchern is 99% done and it looks fabulous!! I’ll post a few pictures later this week.

He weighs 2lb13.5oz! He’s growing!! He is now at the weight that they’ll start testing him to see if he can maintain his own temperature. They start slowly, so far they've had his body constantly monitored and the bed set on ‘body temp’. In other words if he cooled down the bed would compensate and adjust itself accordingly. Now they’ll switch to manual, taking his temperature every few hours, and they’ll lower the air inside the bed as he keeps up. They also let him get dressed! Here’s his very first outfit…

Since yesterday he’s been having a hard time breathing. They’ve gone up on his liters to 3 and up to 30% oxygen (you and I breathe 21%). There are several reasons this could be happening. His feeding tube could be curled in his esophagus, acid reflux, infection, or he simply needs more oxygen. Because it’s a new development the doctors decided to do an x-ray. That would prove or exclude the feeding tube idea. Well his feeding tube was fine but, they did find a small amount of fluid in his right lung. Now, this could be an infection or it could be from lying on that side. They’re doing a blood panel; we should know something by tomorrow or Tuesday. As a precaution, they started him on an antibiotic, unfortunately it had to be given through an IV. He did great though, no crying or squirming! Took it like a champ! Don’t be to worried the nurse said (assuming its an infection) it’s not uncommon in preemies. It’s just a matter of clearing it up with antibiotics. Minor set back if any!!!

They’ve ran some blood test and we’re waiting on the results now. Should be back in 24-48 hours.

Here's our poor little Kye with his IV. They couldn't find a better spot then his hand


  1. Wow Kye you look stunning in the knew paw foot unsomble... He looks like a little man...
    We can see were he gets his strengths from. Good going Mommy and Daddy. Cant wait for a home cooked dinner in the new kitchen.
    I love you guys Aunt Kim

  2. I am so excited you get to dress him in outfits now! I can't wait to see him again, me and Ben need to take a visit up to good ole' St.Johns again, he seems to be getting cuter and cuter from each picture you post. And Kye.....whenever your parents give this blog to you I hope you aren't giving them too much trouble because look at how much they love and adore you!!