Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Tue July 14

We still don't know exactly what's going on with Kye. Last night his doctor called to tell us they were going to put him back in the ventilator. He was intavented right after birth for a day or so. So this is a set back but a necessary one. She said when he's awake he's fine. He's breathing normally, his oxygen saturation is great but, when he falls asleep he has periods where he completly stops breathing. This is typical for a sick preemie but, what isn't typical is how many times he does it.
Although this is a setback it's only because he's sick, not because he's regressing in his progress.

So our little sugar butt looks pretty pitiful right now. It's really difficult to see him this way. He's usually so full of smiles and spunk. Right now hes just lying there, listlessly. He can't let out a wail because of the ventilator but he tries his hardest, face scrunches up and he let's out a silent cry. It's clear he doesn't feel good and on top of it all hes uncomfortable. The tube going to his lungs isn't very flexible so he can't move his head much. I've been here for awhile and have spoken to many nurses and a couple doctors. At first they were giving me a wide range of diagnosis's (is that even a word??). Anywhere from bacteria in his blood (not as bad as it sounds) to bacteria in his bowel, which could range from fairly harmless, to surgery kind of dangerous. It's hard to filter through everything that they say and make sense of it. So I waited to post anything until I spoke to his primary Doctor, Dr. Schwartz. He just left and here's what he said... Kye really has no signs if any bowel bacteria anymore, if he ever did. We know there's something going on because the lab results show ' an inflammation' BUT it doesn't say where. Things that are typical of that kind of infection, bloody stool, increased white blood coount ( or decreased, I can't remember which) and a stagnant bowel as shown by xrays over time, Kye doesn't have. They are slightly concerned with a spot on his intestine thats not moving or is moving slowly so he'll have another xray at 2. But so far all signs point to a GI virus. This is great news! It means he just sick and he just has to go through it. I mean, it is worse for him because he's so small and his immune system is underdeveloped but better then the other causes. There's just no way to prove this but time. One reason he thinks this is because Kye progressively got sicker in spite of the antibiotics. A bacteria would begin to clear, a virus doesn't respond to them.
So they'll keep him on the antibiotics just to be safe, continue fluids and hold off on feedings until he improves. Were not out if the woods but we can see the other side.I'm exhausted, I'm hungry,and for the first time in a long time I want to smoke (I won't) so I think I'm going to take a nap...after I eat.

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