Monday, September 19, 2011

Sept 2011 Daycare

Kye starts daycare this tuesday. 
I’m scared, sad, excited, anxious, and mentally worn out from looking for just the right place. BUT I do believe we found it! It’s a small, locally owned, center that came highly recommended by a woman I know in the field. It’s everything I want for him. They teach on a creative swing, which means they do all the standard, regulated mumbo jumbo but with a unique spin that focuses on the individual child. If a 2 yr old shows interest in something way advanced for his age, instead of redirecting him where the class is they encourage the path. Not saying other places don’t do that, I’m just drawn to this places philosophy and how the put it into action. They really work with the individual child in all areas. They use positive discipline, heres a quote, I love from some info they gave me...”Remember that disciple and punishment are not the same. Discipline is guidance and teaching that promotes positive behavior. Punishment is a penalty imposed in reaction to unacceptable behavior. Positive discipline is more effective than punishment because desirable behaviors that last a lifetime must come from within the child rather then be imposed by force or fear.” I absolutely love that. I felt completely at home there, the teachers are warm, inviting, and so easy to talk to. The walls are colorful, covered in art and in pictures of the kids. When a child signs up they make a binder for them and fill it with all their daily adventures. They also have a PAC, which is like a PTA. They do family outings and have a parents night out! Soooooo these are all the things that make me excited. I don’t think I have to explain the other emotions...insert sad face here. 
Anyway, here are a few pictures of the Boy...

"I made him an offer he can't refuse..."

Love my Grandma;)


Sweetest BOY EVER!!!

Aunt Ann and Uncle Levi's yard! WOW!!

Me and my Mama

Playing with MiMi and the girls


Kye's first concert!!! Yo Gabba Gabba! It was amazing! I can't express how awesome this was. Kids everywhere, dancing and jumping around! It was great! Kye was having a blast! At one point we ran down the aisle dancing and acting crazy, leaves were falling all around us AND there was 'snow'! It was truly magical. Ok so he smacked one little girl with this flashing light wand thingy we bought him...hey ya can't have everything! Ha Ha he was flirting!!