Sunday, July 3, 2011

Happy Birthday KYE!!!
(Mama had a whole lot of trouble getting these pictures on here. whew)

I can't believe he's two! It's gone so fast! I know, everyone with kids says that. For me, the words don't seem enough to express just how fast it's gone. AND how much this little person has grown! It honestly has to hurt to grow so much in such a short time! I know, I know...growing pains, I get it now. I thought they were talking emotional growing pains! This little boy is facanatine to watch, every day he surprises us with somenew, and usually, comical antic. He's talking allot now. Some days so much that I wish he had a mute button! I'm just kidding...sorta.;-) He's got a pretty big vocabulary, we've been told by a few professionals, it's not just Mama and Daddy! A few words he's just made up all on his own...Daddy told me that one day that they were on their way shopping or something when Kye kept repeating 'taco' over and over. It was driving Dad crazy! I didn't know what he was saying and I'm pretty sure he's never had a whole taco. Fast forward a few days...we're playing in the front yard when a motercycle zooms down the street. Kye starts yelling, "Taco?! Taco?!" all the while pointing and half running toward our neighbor who owns said 'taco.' Funny child! Trash is some weird half sound half grunt.  My favorite is water, in Kye speak its, AHWOO. Pretty adorable when the water is ucky.  Ucky Ahwoo! 
 Anywho, it's really hard to concentrate right now. Daddy and Kye are playing horsey, it's pretty funny. Right now, daddy is 'riding' Kye. He's small but darn strong! He can hardle get a handle on his giggling!
Here are a few pictures and a hilarious video from The Boys birthday bash.
Here he's showing Chunk how to drink from the 'pish' (yes, Kye speak for Fish.)

Kye's booty
We just had a small get together at home...

Kyes new slide/climb thingymabobber.

"Wait, your NOT suppose to pee in here? I'm confused."
He got this pool for his birthday last year. It was perfect! I think we still have one more to pull out! Ha Ha Kids not wanting for ahwoo (Kye speak for water) toys!
Wait till he grows up and realizes not everyone wants to watch him.

Bff Parker!!!

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Awe I love my daddy

Kye didn't like the strap on the hat so Daddy showed him him 'cool' he'd look if he tried. Yeah, that didn't work but, Daddy felt pretty.

This is Tavi! Isn't he ah-dor-able?!
Here he is playing with some 'a-doh'. He loves his play dough!