Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas eve...

Christmas cookies and juice for Santa.

Weird, he came while we were still up. He liked the snack. :)
Merry Christmas and to all a good night!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

December 24th 2011

Getting ready for Christmas! Kye's excited for Santa this year...well kinda. We've been drilling the magic of Christmas into his head at every opportunity. He kinda gets it. When asked what he wants Santa to bring him his reply is always trains and toys.
I told him we should leave something for Santa and he suggested a snack of cookies and juice and sometimes he thinks cereal would be nice. This kids a character for sure!
This year we'll wake up Christmas morning in our house with just the three of us. It'll be fun to see Kyes little face light up when he sees the tree filled with colorful gifts from Santa! I'm so excited!!! Well here are a few pictures. I haven't gotten the hang of this blogging from the ipad thing so I don't know what order they'll be in. Some are from his visit with Santa, aunt Ann's X-mas and this afternoons cookie making extravaganza.
Side note regarding the cookie making. I am unbelievably bad at decorating cookies! Check'm out its so bad it's funny.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

December 13 2011

Well we've been able to get through the last few colds without a visit to the hospital! Yay for us and even more yay for his super duper lung! Still under the weather allot but, from what I hear it's normal for toddlers. Daycare is full of snot, boogers, dirt, and cooties. Dirty germs are bound to find their way home with him. As much as I hate seeing him sick, I almost feel as bad for us. This kids attitude turns nasty when he's the slightest bit sick. It's, "no" this and "It's mine" that and of course, "the body dropping on the floor and flailing around like a crazy person cause I turned the light on instead of letting him" joy in the morning. Sigh. I think he got that from his daddy. :-)
Honestly, he's an awesome kid. He's difficult when he doesn't feel good but who can blame him. He's such an awesome kid that it takes us by surprise when he acts out. But we're learning.
Christmas sure got here fast. We've been driving around looking at lights and talking allot about Santa. This yeas is going to be a blast. I can't wait! Here are a couple pictures...

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Testing a new (and hopefully easier) way to blog...

Not sure how this is going to work. I posted a picture but don't know how it'll show up.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween 2011


He loved getting all gouled out. I have to say, He was a pretty good ole vampire! Edward would have been proud! 
Kyes very first trick or treat! She was a very nice witch with an awesomely decorated house!

He was pretty excited about this pumpkin too!

 We only hit a few houses, considering we're all on the tail end of some weird cold. It was a blast though. Kye said, "Thank you" and even said, "Trick or treat" a few times. There were a bunch of kids out! It was nice to see everyone having a good time. Kye enjoyed seeing all the other kids in their costumes and even handed out candy when we got back home. Good kid...
Uncle Mikey and Aunt Sondra stopped by on their way to Va... We love them very much;-)

Oh yea, the LOOT!

I thought it would be fun to play a little game.....
Its called,
 "What did he just say and what does it mean?"

Video number 1....

number 2number 3number 4

Get to guessing!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Sept 2011 Daycare

Kye starts daycare this tuesday. 
I’m scared, sad, excited, anxious, and mentally worn out from looking for just the right place. BUT I do believe we found it! It’s a small, locally owned, center that came highly recommended by a woman I know in the field. It’s everything I want for him. They teach on a creative swing, which means they do all the standard, regulated mumbo jumbo but with a unique spin that focuses on the individual child. If a 2 yr old shows interest in something way advanced for his age, instead of redirecting him where the class is they encourage the path. Not saying other places don’t do that, I’m just drawn to this places philosophy and how the put it into action. They really work with the individual child in all areas. They use positive discipline, heres a quote, I love from some info they gave me...”Remember that disciple and punishment are not the same. Discipline is guidance and teaching that promotes positive behavior. Punishment is a penalty imposed in reaction to unacceptable behavior. Positive discipline is more effective than punishment because desirable behaviors that last a lifetime must come from within the child rather then be imposed by force or fear.” I absolutely love that. I felt completely at home there, the teachers are warm, inviting, and so easy to talk to. The walls are colorful, covered in art and in pictures of the kids. When a child signs up they make a binder for them and fill it with all their daily adventures. They also have a PAC, which is like a PTA. They do family outings and have a parents night out! Soooooo these are all the things that make me excited. I don’t think I have to explain the other emotions...insert sad face here. 
Anyway, here are a few pictures of the Boy...

"I made him an offer he can't refuse..."

Love my Grandma;)


Sweetest BOY EVER!!!

Aunt Ann and Uncle Levi's yard! WOW!!

Me and my Mama

Playing with MiMi and the girls


Kye's first concert!!! Yo Gabba Gabba! It was amazing! I can't express how awesome this was. Kids everywhere, dancing and jumping around! It was great! Kye was having a blast! At one point we ran down the aisle dancing and acting crazy, leaves were falling all around us AND there was 'snow'! It was truly magical. Ok so he smacked one little girl with this flashing light wand thingy we bought him...hey ya can't have everything! Ha Ha he was flirting!!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

HELLLLLLLLO Everybody! I'm not doing so great at keeping this updated so I think I'm going to focus on once a month. We'll see how that works!
Things are moving along nicely, Kyes growing just as he should physically and he's doing exceptionally well with his words and his understanding of them. He can say the entire abc's, we have to say it first and he'll follow...he'll usually say the next letter without a hint though. He can count to 5 without any help! My smarty pants! I've been complimented quite a bit about how well he behaves and listens. His doctor was one who was impressed! BUT he IS a two year old. He's discovered the word 'No'. I'm not a fan. He uses it even when he means yes. Weirdo child! Anyway, I hope we make it through this two year old syndrome. He's been sick, which I think has allot to do with his attitude. He's been doing great with potty training too! I'm pretty excited! He only falls behind when he gets sick. MiMi (What he's reduced Grammy too ;-)) has had him in a clean dry diaper all day a few times! He even pooped on the potty! I KNOW, AWESOME HUH? Once he woke me up at night to use the potty, I hear thats a good sign. MiMi's pretty good at this whole thing so we're just following her lead.  
He's growing up so fast I can't stand it! Today we had to put up his 'big boy bed'. Daddy and I are not super stoked about this new development but, we don't have a choice as you'll see in the videos below...

Yes sir the Boy has mastered his escaped. 
Here's the scoop...
He was down for a nap (aka play time in bed with Grover and Elmo cause he slept in the car for 20 minutes with daddy) when we heard the door to his room close softly. We looked at each other, lifted our eyebrows and squinted a little as if  to say, "You think...NOooo couldn't be, then dismissed the thought. A few minutes later we heart the door knob giggle.. Confused and not really believing it was possible, I got up to invistagate. I opened the door and there he stood, Butt naked, Grover in hand and the biggest smile plastered on his cute little mug. Funny? Yes. Untill the magnitude of the situation hit us...we have to put up his big boy bed. This means he'll ultimately be free...Sad on so many levels. First and most importantly, he's growing up. I want to put on the brakes, just for a little while. I'm not ready for him to drive!! Oh, I know I'm jumping the gun but, if time flies now thats just around the corner so I'm not really exaggerating that much. Secondly, he'll be FREE. This could go horribly wrong!! Sigh. On the other hand, I can see a small glimmer of light, is it possible that this may free US up to sleep longer while he plays safely in his room? Is that bad of us? I don't think so. Alone time is quite valuble...for him too;-)

Part one of Big Boy Bed try outs.

Part two...
Goodbye for now. We'll see how this goes tonight. If you follow me on FB I do post lots of pictures there.
Baby's (toddler's) first night. sad face
I'm not going to sleep at all tonight, he's gonna fall out!!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Happy Birthday KYE!!!
(Mama had a whole lot of trouble getting these pictures on here. whew)

I can't believe he's two! It's gone so fast! I know, everyone with kids says that. For me, the words don't seem enough to express just how fast it's gone. AND how much this little person has grown! It honestly has to hurt to grow so much in such a short time! I know, I know...growing pains, I get it now. I thought they were talking emotional growing pains! This little boy is facanatine to watch, every day he surprises us with somenew, and usually, comical antic. He's talking allot now. Some days so much that I wish he had a mute button! I'm just kidding...sorta.;-) He's got a pretty big vocabulary, we've been told by a few professionals, it's not just Mama and Daddy! A few words he's just made up all on his own...Daddy told me that one day that they were on their way shopping or something when Kye kept repeating 'taco' over and over. It was driving Dad crazy! I didn't know what he was saying and I'm pretty sure he's never had a whole taco. Fast forward a few days...we're playing in the front yard when a motercycle zooms down the street. Kye starts yelling, "Taco?! Taco?!" all the while pointing and half running toward our neighbor who owns said 'taco.' Funny child! Trash is some weird half sound half grunt.  My favorite is water, in Kye speak its, AHWOO. Pretty adorable when the water is ucky.  Ucky Ahwoo! 
 Anywho, it's really hard to concentrate right now. Daddy and Kye are playing horsey, it's pretty funny. Right now, daddy is 'riding' Kye. He's small but darn strong! He can hardle get a handle on his giggling!
Here are a few pictures and a hilarious video from The Boys birthday bash.
Here he's showing Chunk how to drink from the 'pish' (yes, Kye speak for Fish.)

Kye's booty
We just had a small get together at home...

Kyes new slide/climb thingymabobber.

"Wait, your NOT suppose to pee in here? I'm confused."
He got this pool for his birthday last year. It was perfect! I think we still have one more to pull out! Ha Ha Kids not wanting for ahwoo (Kye speak for water) toys!
Wait till he grows up and realizes not everyone wants to watch him.

Bff Parker!!!

Add caption

Awe I love my daddy

Kye didn't like the strap on the hat so Daddy showed him him 'cool' he'd look if he tried. Yeah, that didn't work but, Daddy felt pretty.

This is Tavi! Isn't he ah-dor-able?!
Here he is playing with some 'a-doh'. He loves his play dough!