Sunday, February 28, 2010

Feb 28 a little later...

"Hey, where did all this hair come from? Did you put it there?"

Oh my beautiful baby boy...

Feb 28

How to give a Booger a bath...

First you must un-cork thumb from favorite paci.

Disrobe, check tinky feet

Fill tub with ducks...and some water

Wash throughly, make silly face which will cause Boogers to giggle

Wrap carefully with fluffy hooded towel, continue to make silly faces

Pick onsie fit for a super star, assemble onto Booger, stand back and admire.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Jan 25

Well things are going well.

We went to the geneticist week before last and she doesn't think the Boy has Polands Syndrome at all! Yeaaa She thinks he just has a generalized abnormality of the diaphragm and thats that. She didn't do any blood test though which I was expecting. She just asked a whole lot of questions and looked him over from top to bottom. He didn't enjoy that at all!
Well, lets see...he's 8 months (5.5 adjusted) he weighs 15 pounds. I think he's cutting a new tooth but, he's not as fussy this time...just irritable. He's also getting to where he's aware of strangers. I took him to the salon a couple of weeks ago and one of our clients came in to ohh and ahh at him. His eyes got real wide, he took a deep breath and proceeded to scream at the top of his lungs at her!! All the while looking at me with a, 'save me momma' look in his eyes. It was kinda funny and pitiful all at the same time! I read in Parent magazine that this is right around the time babies recognize familiar (and unfamiliar) faces and act accordingly. Babies view their parents as security and safety, thats where separation anxiety comes in. So far it hasn't been an issue..of course we haven't been away from him for very long. Zeke wants to take a vacation this summer, I think I may have separation anxiety! lol I don't know if I can do it yet! I mean he's only been home for 5 months! I don't know how Mom's are suppose to feel but the thought of being far from him stresses me out. He'd be fine I'm sure! I guess we'll have to see.
In other news he's doing all kinds of super cute coo's and gurgles, grabbing his feet and what not. I could just stare at him for hours, unfortunately the house is suffering now as it is and getting ready for work is a day long process. If I stare at him any more I'll start to collect dust myself! Speaking of I need to start getting ready now, while little Booger is napping!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

VD 2010

Daddy had to work today so it was Valentine with my other sweetheart. We did a little shopping, had dinner by candle light (Glade 'Fresh Linen') and chatted it up all night long...till he passed out...So it was not so different then a night with Daddy!!!

Oh my boy's!!! I love, love, love them to pieces!!!

So kye's been working on rolling over and sitting by himself. He's not quite there but, he's giving it hell! His new favorite thing is 'The Fake Cough' (I tried to upload a video but, it wouldn't work)...and waking up at midnight, which he's doing RIGHT now!

... ... ...

Well I'm back from soothing Kye. I think we're doing pretty good with his bedtime fits. You know, the ones that started when Gilbert showed up...he goes to bed pretty easily these days (knock on wood)but lately he's been waking up in the middle of the night. I think he's going through a growth spurt. Dad thinks he's just being a baby! The past few nights he's gotten up at 12a-ish and/or 4a! We've gotten him to settle back in at midnight a couple times but at 4 he wants to eat! This is in addition to his regularly scheduled meals! He's also been eating like a madman throughout the day too. He's averaging about 9-10 tablespoons of food plus about 24oz of milk in a day. Seems like a whole lot to me!!

Here's the only picture I could get of Gilbert. (He's sooo mistreated by the way!)You can just make it out on Kye's right...

He's doing awesome though, wearing Momma and Daddy out!

Here's a little video of his adorable little laugh.. be prepared to giggle.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

He looks so sweet doesn't he?? Little turd has the art of throwing a fit at bedtime down to a science. Our little angels poor little glassy eyes will be rimmed in red and barely open untill we lay him down. Then it's eyes wide glaring up like we took his favorite yellow creature (shown at right) and ripped it's little legs off! He looks so hurt and shocked that we would 'do that to him'...Ho hum
It all started when Gilbert showed up. Damn tooth! We're working our way through this unpleasant milestone by doing our best to let him be for short periods of time before going in and consoling him...OH WOW is it hard for me. I feel like my very soul is reaching toward him and I have to hold it back. Pretty tough. It's getting better though.
Well we have an appointment to see a geneticist in the next few weeks.
I spoke to his doctor yesterday who had a conversation with the surgeon who said the only way to get a better look is to use a scope, go inside and actually look at the diaphragm and it's surroundings. That in itself is surgery so if something could and should be done they would obviously do it then. Our doctor thinks this is to invasive at this point, especially just to have a look. Kye's doing fine so there's no reason to mess with it yet.
Thats all for now...oh he's 14 pounds

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Feb 4 10

Watch out puppy rattle, Kye's gonna get you!!!!

argh argh argh!

This video cracks me up!!