Saturday, February 6, 2010

He looks so sweet doesn't he?? Little turd has the art of throwing a fit at bedtime down to a science. Our little angels poor little glassy eyes will be rimmed in red and barely open untill we lay him down. Then it's eyes wide glaring up like we took his favorite yellow creature (shown at right) and ripped it's little legs off! He looks so hurt and shocked that we would 'do that to him'...Ho hum
It all started when Gilbert showed up. Damn tooth! We're working our way through this unpleasant milestone by doing our best to let him be for short periods of time before going in and consoling him...OH WOW is it hard for me. I feel like my very soul is reaching toward him and I have to hold it back. Pretty tough. It's getting better though.
Well we have an appointment to see a geneticist in the next few weeks.
I spoke to his doctor yesterday who had a conversation with the surgeon who said the only way to get a better look is to use a scope, go inside and actually look at the diaphragm and it's surroundings. That in itself is surgery so if something could and should be done they would obviously do it then. Our doctor thinks this is to invasive at this point, especially just to have a look. Kye's doing fine so there's no reason to mess with it yet.
Thats all for now...oh he's 14 pounds

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