Saturday, February 13, 2010

VD 2010

Daddy had to work today so it was Valentine with my other sweetheart. We did a little shopping, had dinner by candle light (Glade 'Fresh Linen') and chatted it up all night long...till he passed out...So it was not so different then a night with Daddy!!!

Oh my boy's!!! I love, love, love them to pieces!!!

So kye's been working on rolling over and sitting by himself. He's not quite there but, he's giving it hell! His new favorite thing is 'The Fake Cough' (I tried to upload a video but, it wouldn't work)...and waking up at midnight, which he's doing RIGHT now!

... ... ...

Well I'm back from soothing Kye. I think we're doing pretty good with his bedtime fits. You know, the ones that started when Gilbert showed up...he goes to bed pretty easily these days (knock on wood)but lately he's been waking up in the middle of the night. I think he's going through a growth spurt. Dad thinks he's just being a baby! The past few nights he's gotten up at 12a-ish and/or 4a! We've gotten him to settle back in at midnight a couple times but at 4 he wants to eat! This is in addition to his regularly scheduled meals! He's also been eating like a madman throughout the day too. He's averaging about 9-10 tablespoons of food plus about 24oz of milk in a day. Seems like a whole lot to me!!

Here's the only picture I could get of Gilbert. (He's sooo mistreated by the way!)You can just make it out on Kye's right...

He's doing awesome though, wearing Momma and Daddy out!

Here's a little video of his adorable little laugh.. be prepared to giggle.

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