Wednesday, May 26, 2010

May pics 2010

Here are some pictures!!! I've been trying to get Zeke to take a walk with us for awhile. He works outside so I understand he wants to hang out in the AC, especially lately it being so hot out. Finally he went, reluctantly I have to say. I thought we'd take a nice little walk to the park, which is about 3 blocks away...
We get to the park and Zeke tells me that he thought about walking to Chucka Burger...thats a mile away (I just looked it up). Very ambitious of him. So off we went! It was awesome! It WAS a long walk but, it was worth it. Kye had his first french fry at Chucka Burger, what better place!

"Hold on, I'll tell ya what it tastes like..."


Sooooo busy with all this gorgeous weather I haven't had time to update the blog. I'm going to get some pictures on here before the week is out... I hope!
Things are good. Kye has two more teeth invading his sweet little mouth, he's learning the art of fit throwing and he's feeling out his crawling stance. This boy of ours is a surprise a minute! He LOVES to take long walks in the park and watch the birds from our porch.
We've been quite busy messing around outside every chance we get.
I just bought him a kiddy pool from Walgreens, I can't wait to get him in it! He's a big fan of the water.
Let's see, no other news so I'll do my best to get some pics on here! Thanks to all of you who keep up with the blog! I love writing it and I so enjoy the feed back. It's awesome to know your there and still enjoying my every word... I know it's Kye your here for... Let me live in my world for just a second will ya! ;-)

Thursday, May 20, 2010

May 19 2010

Just a quick post..

Went to the park today with a friend. Kye had a great time watching all the other kids play. You can tell he's itching to get in there with them! Not yet little man!

Kye's really getting the hang of sitting on his own too. Still needs some practice but, soon enough!

"I see you!!!"
Oh my little boys getting big! Look at that face!!! He knows he's adorable...just look at that! You can see the personality shine!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Quick update
Went for Kyes follow up today. Doctor said he's free of the breathing treatment! He's still not 100% but his chest sounds good.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mama's DAY 2010

Hmmmm that remains to be seen! He he he

It's strange being told 'Happy Mothers Day'. Zeke, Kye and I went to the grocery store and a guy in line at the check out said it to me; I looked up at him to see if he was talking to me, then to be certain, I pointed at myself and mouthed 'me', with my eye brows up... like there was somebody behind me that he could possibly have said it the cashier...who was a guy. O-well

Happy Mamas Day!!!

Had a pretty good day even though Kye was kind of fussy. I don't think he understood the concept of 'My Day'...sigh. Once we got over to Grammy's though, everything seemed better, there's just something about Grammy's house! Plus there are more people to amuse the Uncle David! Kye's pretty fond of his Uncie as you can clearly see...

Kye and Daddy got me the BEST PILLOW in the world (I'm a tad particular when it comes to my bedding) and then they made it even better by tracing Kye's tinky feet on both sides of the pillow! They wanted to be sure his little feet are the first things I smell in the morning and that they close the day out for me! Silly, Silly boys! My Mama got me a bamboo plant...hmmm lets see if it can survive my unintentional wrath!

I had a wonderful first Mothers Day hanging with my family...I love them a whole bunch. ;-)

May 9 2010


We had sooo much fun together. She got me some really cool toys, a bunch of neat clothes and a doorway jumper!

Grandma's stay went by way to fast. Mama and Daddy barely got to spend any time with her...but really she didn't come to see them anyway!=)

Grandma got some serious quality time with the Boy. We had to work both days so she had him all to herself. He was a little cranky tonight, I think he missed her.

I have a video of this picture but, can't get it to's pretty funny. Grandma had Kye squealing with laughter! The things we do to make a kid laugh!

Kye's doing better. He still has to do breathing treatments and take some medication but, he's pretty much back to his old self. His appetite is better too so now we're gonna focus on putting some weight on this kid. I met with a nutritionist who gave me some suggestions, for example, adding butter to his meals-oatmeal-potatos-and such. We've been adding fortifier to his bottles lately and he's done good with that. We're introducing new 'helpers' every week. Of course his stint in the hospital was free of fun new additives. Next is olive oil...I know weird huh? 1ml added to each bottle adds calories, which is what the kiddo needs. I've also been giving him some table food, he LOVES cottage cheese! His weight right now is below the 5th percentile for his adjusted age...meaning he's small for an 8 month old. His length is good and his head circumference is got a nice sized brain! So, we'll see, I'll keep ya posted.

Oh the teeth! I've GOT to get a picture on here of the teeth! This Boy's got 6 of'm. Grandma suggested we name one after the pooch, so 'Chunk' it is and for the last little guy it'll be Bob. For his Grandpa, I love you Pop, I sure wish you were here for this.

Friday, May 7, 2010

May 8 2010

The Boy had to spend a few nights in the hospital!

He didnt seem to be getting any better, even with the breathing treatments. They just didn't seem to be helping much, he was working too hard to breath.

I called the doctor, she said that if he was taking 60 breaths or more per minute we should take him to the hospital. He was taking 65, even after his treatments. So we rushed him to our home away from home and they admitted him right away. That was Sunday. He got out on Wednesday. The in between was rough on all of us.Poor baby was poked and prodded way more then anyone should be. The first IV failed after less then 24 hours and they had a hard time getting another one. He's got bruises on every appendage from the savages who call themselves nurses (we still love you guys). He was tortured with breathing treatments and thermometers every 2 hours at first then 3, then finally 4. He had a rough go of it, not feeling good on top of strangers messing with him made for a cranky we held him ALLOT! On the worst night he slept on Daddy chest the entire night in the recliner. Poor daddy had to pee sooooo bad when I finally woke up! As far as hospitals go, it's fabulous but, 5 star hotel it's not! They have a fold out 'bed' thingy that was big enough for one person, so we took turns. Usually it was a 2 hour turn around as Kye woke up often. Needless to say we were exhausted. He got a little worse before he got better but finally you could see the fun loving baby we knew coming back to life... They have all kinds of stuff for the kiddos too. I'm so glad, cause this kid needs to get some energy out. He loved this thing...ummm that's his poopy face.

We're home now, he's better but not great. Sleeping allot and he's just now getting his appetite back. The doctor said he had a virus, just like you and I would get only for him it turned into pneumonia. He's a strong little dude though and he charmed the pants off of all the nurses with his infectious giggle and heart warming grin.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Kye woke up. This kid is a pretty light sleeper...which is exactly what Dad and I were trying to avoid! We try not to be overly quiet when he naps, we turn on a radio or some kind of noise when he sleeps. We switch it up so he doesn't get used to one thing in particuliar...guess it's not working. Anyway, he just fell asleep, those treatments really wire him out. It seems like he's trying to get out of his skin. It's sleep deprivation all around in this room! Well, Zeke and I have changed places and I'm going to try again to get some much needed sleep. I hope we all do. I'll try to post a few pictures later. Right now I'm on my phone, I've tried and it never works. So long and good night... Hopefully.

Monday, May 3, 2010

I can't sleep. Most of you probably know Kyes in the hospital. His breathing was 65 breaths per minute, even after doing the treatments at home. He's congested and wheezing. He may have a touch of pnumonia... His right lung isn't handeling the cold well. They're giving him treatments every 3 hours, it was 2, steroids and an antibiotic. He was also a little dehydrated, poor baby lsot his appitite. So here we sit. Kyes been pretty good actually. His mood has been mostly good. He hates his treatments... He's getting one now. The tech is trying her best to let him sleep through it. I don't think it's going to work. Zekes got the bed for now and I'm on the chair