Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Kye woke up. This kid is a pretty light sleeper...which is exactly what Dad and I were trying to avoid! We try not to be overly quiet when he naps, we turn on a radio or some kind of noise when he sleeps. We switch it up so he doesn't get used to one thing in particuliar...guess it's not working. Anyway, he just fell asleep, those treatments really wire him out. It seems like he's trying to get out of his skin. It's sleep deprivation all around in this room! Well, Zeke and I have changed places and I'm going to try again to get some much needed sleep. I hope we all do. I'll try to post a few pictures later. Right now I'm on my phone, I've tried and it never works. So long and good night... Hopefully.

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  1. Oh No! Poor little guy! I will say some prayers for all of you! Here's to hoping the little cutie is feeling better very soon. ((HUGS))

    Jessica Harrison