Friday, May 7, 2010

May 8 2010

The Boy had to spend a few nights in the hospital!

He didnt seem to be getting any better, even with the breathing treatments. They just didn't seem to be helping much, he was working too hard to breath.

I called the doctor, she said that if he was taking 60 breaths or more per minute we should take him to the hospital. He was taking 65, even after his treatments. So we rushed him to our home away from home and they admitted him right away. That was Sunday. He got out on Wednesday. The in between was rough on all of us.Poor baby was poked and prodded way more then anyone should be. The first IV failed after less then 24 hours and they had a hard time getting another one. He's got bruises on every appendage from the savages who call themselves nurses (we still love you guys). He was tortured with breathing treatments and thermometers every 2 hours at first then 3, then finally 4. He had a rough go of it, not feeling good on top of strangers messing with him made for a cranky we held him ALLOT! On the worst night he slept on Daddy chest the entire night in the recliner. Poor daddy had to pee sooooo bad when I finally woke up! As far as hospitals go, it's fabulous but, 5 star hotel it's not! They have a fold out 'bed' thingy that was big enough for one person, so we took turns. Usually it was a 2 hour turn around as Kye woke up often. Needless to say we were exhausted. He got a little worse before he got better but finally you could see the fun loving baby we knew coming back to life... They have all kinds of stuff for the kiddos too. I'm so glad, cause this kid needs to get some energy out. He loved this thing...ummm that's his poopy face.

We're home now, he's better but not great. Sleeping allot and he's just now getting his appetite back. The doctor said he had a virus, just like you and I would get only for him it turned into pneumonia. He's a strong little dude though and he charmed the pants off of all the nurses with his infectious giggle and heart warming grin.

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