Sunday, May 9, 2010

May 9 2010


We had sooo much fun together. She got me some really cool toys, a bunch of neat clothes and a doorway jumper!

Grandma's stay went by way to fast. Mama and Daddy barely got to spend any time with her...but really she didn't come to see them anyway!=)

Grandma got some serious quality time with the Boy. We had to work both days so she had him all to herself. He was a little cranky tonight, I think he missed her.

I have a video of this picture but, can't get it to's pretty funny. Grandma had Kye squealing with laughter! The things we do to make a kid laugh!

Kye's doing better. He still has to do breathing treatments and take some medication but, he's pretty much back to his old self. His appetite is better too so now we're gonna focus on putting some weight on this kid. I met with a nutritionist who gave me some suggestions, for example, adding butter to his meals-oatmeal-potatos-and such. We've been adding fortifier to his bottles lately and he's done good with that. We're introducing new 'helpers' every week. Of course his stint in the hospital was free of fun new additives. Next is olive oil...I know weird huh? 1ml added to each bottle adds calories, which is what the kiddo needs. I've also been giving him some table food, he LOVES cottage cheese! His weight right now is below the 5th percentile for his adjusted age...meaning he's small for an 8 month old. His length is good and his head circumference is got a nice sized brain! So, we'll see, I'll keep ya posted.

Oh the teeth! I've GOT to get a picture on here of the teeth! This Boy's got 6 of'm. Grandma suggested we name one after the pooch, so 'Chunk' it is and for the last little guy it'll be Bob. For his Grandpa, I love you Pop, I sure wish you were here for this.

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