Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mama's DAY 2010

Hmmmm that remains to be seen! He he he

It's strange being told 'Happy Mothers Day'. Zeke, Kye and I went to the grocery store and a guy in line at the check out said it to me; I looked up at him to see if he was talking to me, then to be certain, I pointed at myself and mouthed 'me', with my eye brows up... like there was somebody behind me that he could possibly have said it the cashier...who was a guy. O-well

Happy Mamas Day!!!

Had a pretty good day even though Kye was kind of fussy. I don't think he understood the concept of 'My Day'...sigh. Once we got over to Grammy's though, everything seemed better, there's just something about Grammy's house! Plus there are more people to amuse the Uncle David! Kye's pretty fond of his Uncie as you can clearly see...

Kye and Daddy got me the BEST PILLOW in the world (I'm a tad particular when it comes to my bedding) and then they made it even better by tracing Kye's tinky feet on both sides of the pillow! They wanted to be sure his little feet are the first things I smell in the morning and that they close the day out for me! Silly, Silly boys! My Mama got me a bamboo plant...hmmm lets see if it can survive my unintentional wrath!

I had a wonderful first Mothers Day hanging with my family...I love them a whole bunch. ;-)

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