Thursday, December 31, 2009

Dec 31st

Here we are New Years Eve and I couldn't care less! Ha! I feel like I should want to go out and ring in the new year but I don't. Not even a little bit! I'm going to ring in the New Year with a couple of my favorite people, my hubby, my boy, and my brother. Wish more of my family could come over but that would mean driving home with the dumb ass drunks later and I'd rather they just stay home.

I'm pretty excited my brother, Mikey is in town for a few days. I think Kye's a fan too.

Anyway...Kye goes to get his Fluoroscopie on Monday. I'm almost positive his diaphragm isn't moving. I could be wrong but I'm pretty sure I'm not. I don't really know what to hope for, I guess acceptance and strength. He struggles to breath sometimes so I'd like them to fix it but, I don't want him to have surgery...ho hum. I'm actually not dwelling on it much. I know he's a strong little dude, he's been through the wringer already and he's healthy for the most part. Pesky diaphram, possible missing pec, maybe other minor infractions, hopefully not but I'm steeled for it...just small hurtles to get past. We can do it. So lets get together and say a word for the little guy, I know he's strong but a little prayer can't hurt.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Still Christmas...

Kye ate PEAS!!!!!!

December 25th

You begin to see Christmas decorations and advertisements around, say October. That’s when you begin to think about gifts, time off, family, menu plan, etc... Not that you do anything about it, you’ve got plenty of time! All of a sudden it’s next week. How does that happen!!?? Christmas seems to sneak up on you then in a flash it’s gone. Well here we are; hours, even days of anticipation, an explosion of ribbon and paper and its over. Everyone here has a Christmas hangover right now. No drink involved, just too much thought, to much too wrap, too much to cook, too much to clean, does so and so like their gift, what do I do with the fruit cake so and so gave me…

It’s all worth it for me. I love my family to pieces; I absolutely love buying gifts for them and my joy is seeing their faces when they open them. Unfortunately Kyes too young to LOVE what we got him. It’s a strange thing to unwrap the gift that you wrapped the night before. Another new mom observation. I can’t wait until his face lights up with delight when he sees what ‘Santa” brought him.

Christmas was a success and I’m sad to see it pass so quickly.

Actually….we get to do this again on Saturday! Yeahhhhhhhhhh

Here are Kyes first gifts for

Mom (Supermom)and Dad...

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Thur Dec 24th

It's Christmas EVE!!

Looks like he's trying to blend in!
"Ha can ya see me?!"
Kye won't remember or even know whats going on but, we will! I'm so excited! Our tree is beautiful, Santa came by and dropped off some things, all his Grandparents will be here tomorrow, what more could one ask for? We had a great dinner tonight with family and friends and we're about to watch Miracle on 34th street, all is well.
I have to admit I can't wait to tell Kye about Santa. We can say what ever we want to and he'll believe us, this is gonna be awesome.
My dad told me (convinced me) that the signs in the mountains that read, "Watch for falling rock" were about an Indian named Falling Rock who was lost... Kye will know Falling Rock.:-)
Anyway, as far as Kye's health he's doing great. We're going to see another doctor about his pec muscle and chest muscle on that side. Our ped didn't seem worried so I'm not. We've been giving him a tablespoon of rice cereal at night which I'm hoping will help him gain weight faster. We tried with a spoon and he was not having any of it so we mix it into his bottle, so far so good!
Well Merry Christmas everyone!!!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Thur Dec 17

Awww The Boy napping!
Went to the PT today. We got good news and weird news... His little head is perfect (as expected!) Remember he was developing a flat spot as a result of lying on his left side so much in the hospital. Well Momma and Daddy fixed it! We just strapped his head to a board on one side then wrapped it real tight...I'm just play'n! ha
Anyway, he's doing great! He's not favoring any particular side, he's holding his head up as he should, and he's bringing his arms together in front of him..things he should be doing at his age (gestationally).
So now for the weird news. He MAY be missing a pec muscle. Yea seriously. My dad was missing's NOT genetically passed though. Weird huh! It's not for sure. There's diffidently something up with his right pec muscle. It's not as full as the left side and a tendon from his arm to chest is tight. We'll see what the doctor says. Zeke's taking him in the morning. Just to the pediatrician though the pulmonologist is in January. He is struggling to breath still so much that the PT noticed so I'm pretty sure the diaphragm is not working. I think I haven't thought it was that bad because

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Sunday Dec 13

"So, I heard your gonna try and steal Christmas. I know I'm little but, you better watch it..." "Oh please don't steal's gonna be my first! I'll share a bottle with ya..."

"This guy's full of hot air, completely harmless. I totally saved Christmas!"
"Your welcome..."

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Wed dec 10th

Hi my name is Kye, I like to blow bubbles, take long naps in the afternoon and chat on my rattle phone…

This is the second week he’s been going to Grammy’s in the evening. Grammy’s enjoying the absolute crap out of having him there. It’s going to take some time to iron out a routine for Mom, Dad, and Grammy…and Kye. See Kye, like him Momma, does not like to be woke up. So when we go get him in the evenings we’re trying to figure out the best possible way to allow our little angel to sleep through the whole ordeal. Putting him in his car seat at bedtime seemed to work until we got him home and had to remove him from said car seat. A fit ensued, followed by a 11pm bottle, a very tired Daddy and resulting in a baby who, besides breakfast, slept most of the next day. So last night we tried his bed but Grammy said he wasn’t having any of it so in the swing he went, that seemed to work ok. We got him home and with a little effort got him into bed without major incident. He was a very restless baby throughout the night though…not sure if our half-waking him had anything to do with it or not. Anyway I’m anxious to see how he does if we put him to bed at Grammys. I think if he gets into a deep enough sleep before we get there he’ll stay asleep.

So far that’s the news around here…Oh wait they came and got the monitors yesterday! Oh happy day! His room looks like a baby’s room not a hospital room. It was comforting to have them but, I’m happy to see them go.

That’s it for now. Kye’s doing awesome. He has a doctors appointment next Friday so we’ll know his weight then….I think it’s around 12 pounds.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Friday Dec 4th

First thanksgiving!!!

He had two Thanksgivings this year and so he had two First bibs...but I can't find a picture of him wearing the one from Aunt Linda and Aunt Paulette! So sad because it's super uber cute!!! It's not on my camera. I don't know who's camera took the little Booger modeling it but, if your out there will you email it to me?? Boy does time swiftly slip by these days..(say 'swiftly slip' fast 5 times! ha funny stuff) Before I knew it 2 weeks past and I haven't posted anything! So here are a few pictures from Kye's Thanksgiving holiday. This one is hands down my favorite picture! Awww make you wanna kiss his chubby little cheeks doesn't it!! Daddy and I did just that today, he got one cheek and I got the other. We attacked them over and over again, Kye didn't know what hit'm! He loves his Grammy!!!

Look'n spiffy

Oh Grandpa I love you, now make that face again!!!

What better place to be then Grandma's shoulder....

My very own FAMILY! Who knew this would be so flipp'n awesome! My boys are the greatest..and right this that particular moment, they both smell wonderful!!

Oh look'it . Sit'n on Daddy's lap...both of'm!
This boy is pimp'n!!

Not sure when this was but I like it so here it is..

All is well with our little Booger Butt. He's eating about 5oz at a time, he's sleeping from 8ish till 5-6am and poop'n like a champ. He weighs about 11.5 lbs I'd say. His next appointment it at the end of this month so we'll see for sure then. He's so much fun I can't even tell you. He's giggling and cooing, he believes he's saying really important things too, you can see it in his eyes! He just looks at you with those eyebrows furrowed, his eyes narrow slightly, one might even close a little, he cocks his head, puckers his lips and out comes 'ftioooooppbth' and a bubble or two! He's very proud of himself! His hands come together and a satisfied smile sweeps over his face, it's awesome!

Oh my Uncle David!!