Thursday, December 10, 2009

Wed dec 10th

Hi my name is Kye, I like to blow bubbles, take long naps in the afternoon and chat on my rattle phone…

This is the second week he’s been going to Grammy’s in the evening. Grammy’s enjoying the absolute crap out of having him there. It’s going to take some time to iron out a routine for Mom, Dad, and Grammy…and Kye. See Kye, like him Momma, does not like to be woke up. So when we go get him in the evenings we’re trying to figure out the best possible way to allow our little angel to sleep through the whole ordeal. Putting him in his car seat at bedtime seemed to work until we got him home and had to remove him from said car seat. A fit ensued, followed by a 11pm bottle, a very tired Daddy and resulting in a baby who, besides breakfast, slept most of the next day. So last night we tried his bed but Grammy said he wasn’t having any of it so in the swing he went, that seemed to work ok. We got him home and with a little effort got him into bed without major incident. He was a very restless baby throughout the night though…not sure if our half-waking him had anything to do with it or not. Anyway I’m anxious to see how he does if we put him to bed at Grammys. I think if he gets into a deep enough sleep before we get there he’ll stay asleep.

So far that’s the news around here…Oh wait they came and got the monitors yesterday! Oh happy day! His room looks like a baby’s room not a hospital room. It was comforting to have them but, I’m happy to see them go.

That’s it for now. Kye’s doing awesome. He has a doctors appointment next Friday so we’ll know his weight then….I think it’s around 12 pounds.

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  1. I wish Ryder slept well...he wakes up many times a night....i am so proud of how far Kye has come....and you too!!!! Lisa