Thursday, December 24, 2009

Thur Dec 24th

It's Christmas EVE!!

Looks like he's trying to blend in!
"Ha can ya see me?!"
Kye won't remember or even know whats going on but, we will! I'm so excited! Our tree is beautiful, Santa came by and dropped off some things, all his Grandparents will be here tomorrow, what more could one ask for? We had a great dinner tonight with family and friends and we're about to watch Miracle on 34th street, all is well.
I have to admit I can't wait to tell Kye about Santa. We can say what ever we want to and he'll believe us, this is gonna be awesome.
My dad told me (convinced me) that the signs in the mountains that read, "Watch for falling rock" were about an Indian named Falling Rock who was lost... Kye will know Falling Rock.:-)
Anyway, as far as Kye's health he's doing great. We're going to see another doctor about his pec muscle and chest muscle on that side. Our ped didn't seem worried so I'm not. We've been giving him a tablespoon of rice cereal at night which I'm hoping will help him gain weight faster. We tried with a spoon and he was not having any of it so we mix it into his bottle, so far so good!
Well Merry Christmas everyone!!!

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