Friday, December 25, 2009

December 25th

You begin to see Christmas decorations and advertisements around, say October. That’s when you begin to think about gifts, time off, family, menu plan, etc... Not that you do anything about it, you’ve got plenty of time! All of a sudden it’s next week. How does that happen!!?? Christmas seems to sneak up on you then in a flash it’s gone. Well here we are; hours, even days of anticipation, an explosion of ribbon and paper and its over. Everyone here has a Christmas hangover right now. No drink involved, just too much thought, to much too wrap, too much to cook, too much to clean, does so and so like their gift, what do I do with the fruit cake so and so gave me…

It’s all worth it for me. I love my family to pieces; I absolutely love buying gifts for them and my joy is seeing their faces when they open them. Unfortunately Kyes too young to LOVE what we got him. It’s a strange thing to unwrap the gift that you wrapped the night before. Another new mom observation. I can’t wait until his face lights up with delight when he sees what ‘Santa” brought him.

Christmas was a success and I’m sad to see it pass so quickly.

Actually….we get to do this again on Saturday! Yeahhhhhhhhhh

Here are Kyes first gifts for

Mom (Supermom)and Dad...

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  1. Thanks so much for such a nice Christmas!!! It was great to come to your house and stay during this special time of the year. We are so blessed with such a wonderful family. (It is so complete with little Kye). Happy New Year and let's be greatful for all we have.

    Thanks Again,
    Dad & Mom xoxoxoxoxo