Thursday, December 17, 2009

Thur Dec 17

Awww The Boy napping!
Went to the PT today. We got good news and weird news... His little head is perfect (as expected!) Remember he was developing a flat spot as a result of lying on his left side so much in the hospital. Well Momma and Daddy fixed it! We just strapped his head to a board on one side then wrapped it real tight...I'm just play'n! ha
Anyway, he's doing great! He's not favoring any particular side, he's holding his head up as he should, and he's bringing his arms together in front of him..things he should be doing at his age (gestationally).
So now for the weird news. He MAY be missing a pec muscle. Yea seriously. My dad was missing's NOT genetically passed though. Weird huh! It's not for sure. There's diffidently something up with his right pec muscle. It's not as full as the left side and a tendon from his arm to chest is tight. We'll see what the doctor says. Zeke's taking him in the morning. Just to the pediatrician though the pulmonologist is in January. He is struggling to breath still so much that the PT noticed so I'm pretty sure the diaphragm is not working. I think I haven't thought it was that bad because

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  1. this is a MOST PRECIOUS picture!
    Pat K