Saturday, December 24, 2011

December 24th 2011

Getting ready for Christmas! Kye's excited for Santa this year...well kinda. We've been drilling the magic of Christmas into his head at every opportunity. He kinda gets it. When asked what he wants Santa to bring him his reply is always trains and toys.
I told him we should leave something for Santa and he suggested a snack of cookies and juice and sometimes he thinks cereal would be nice. This kids a character for sure!
This year we'll wake up Christmas morning in our house with just the three of us. It'll be fun to see Kyes little face light up when he sees the tree filled with colorful gifts from Santa! I'm so excited!!! Well here are a few pictures. I haven't gotten the hang of this blogging from the ipad thing so I don't know what order they'll be in. Some are from his visit with Santa, aunt Ann's X-mas and this afternoons cookie making extravaganza.
Side note regarding the cookie making. I am unbelievably bad at decorating cookies! Check'm out its so bad it's funny.

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