Thursday, July 16, 2009

Thur July 16

He did well with the transfusion, and he's already looking better! After four long days I finally got to hold him!! He was smiling and fussing just like the baby I know!
So far he's doing great with his breathing too. Everything looks good. He's probably going to get a pick-line again though. They'll start feeding him again on Saturday but, he won't be able to tolerate the amount he was getting before. He'll need to have the IV so a pick-line makes more sense. Poor kid has been through the wringer this week. Hopefully he's over this particular 'bump'. They keep telling us in the preemie world you take two steps forward and one step back...there will be bumps in the road..etc... whewwww first and last bump??? I have my fingers crossed.
I feel I should mention this on the blog...
We've decided, after talking to the nurses, that it's best for Kye not to have any hands on with anyone besides us. Not that we don't carry germs but, less people handling him, less chance to pass something. We've been treating him like a full term baby and not taking the precautions we probably should have. He can't fight infections and viruses like all the other babies so it's not fair to treat him like the other babies. So at least until he gets bigger he's got to depend on mama and daddy to be held...which isn't a problem;)
And for the time being, until he's over this bug, we're limiting visitors too. I'll let you know when he's strong enough.

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