Saturday, July 4, 2009

Sat July 4th


Looking stunning in an Ann Original....Ready to party!

His weight is 2.9!!! Back to where we started!!! Now he can only go up, hopefully. No more huge poops kiddo. They also went up on his feedings, he's at 15cc now. They were adding a fortifier to his milk to help him gain weight. The fortifier added 4 calories to each oz of milk. His stomach didn't like it much so they backed off, now they add only enough to add 2 calories. We'll see how it goes.
He also got his pick-line out! I was really excited until the nurse told me he still can't be emerged in water. His umbilical cord has to fall off first. Oh well tomorrow is still going to be the best bath of his life!!! I get to lotion him up too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here's a pic of our little family...

Kye got a new blankey today too! Grammy made it with her very own little fingers!! She learned how to knit when she found out I was pregnant and here's the result!! It's beautiful! I'm very impressed, considering that I only have the patience to knit a tube... Grammy's first try is amazing. I love it and now he'll always have one with him. When I take Grammy's home to wash I'll bring Great grandma's back up! It's perfect.

We took a nap with it today ;)


  1. Maria, congratulations! He looks adorable, and I'm very happy everything is turning out well.

    - Alex

  2. Um, that is an absolutely amazing first blankie!

  3. thank you! it's for an absolutely amazing first grandchild!!! :)

  4. That little hat is so freakin' cute!!!