Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Wed. July 1

Kye’s doing great! He’s eating well and I think they’ll take him off IV tomorrow. That means he’ll just be having what I can produce. It’s supposed to help them gain weight faster then hospital ‘food’! He’s also back on Oxygen; poor guy just can’t get the breathing thing down quite yet. It’s not really helping him breath anyway, just blowing hard enough to remind him to inhale.

Oh he moved down to the South Side!!! Larger room, more privacy, a couch, and chair. It’s way more homey. It also means he’s more stable and he doesn't need constant care but that’s not the entire reason they moved him. They found out that he’s a CARRIER for an infection commonly found in hospitals. About 30% of the general population is a carrier and even more in the health care industry, and never know it. They culture babies in the NICU (Neonatal intensive care unit) because infection could be really bad for some of the babies there. HE IS NOT INFECTED with anything! The only reason they know he’s carrier is because he’s in the hospital and it’s routine to check them. Most people walk around never knowing and never actually become infected. Its nothing to worry about, he won’t have to do anything special or be treated differently then any one else. It took us all day to reaslie that this is actually no big deal to us in the outside world. They are treating in with antibodies and special medicated baths. As a precaution the staff will wear gloves and gowns when they touch him but, family and friends don’t have to.

He was on his way to this side of the hospital; this just bumped him up a notch! He’s also starting to maintain his own body temp! That exciting news!!

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  1. temp is an important hurdle....way to go Kye!!!!!! Lisa