Thursday, July 16, 2009

Thur 16th

Well Kye IS feeling better but, not back to normal. He's still having some episodes of de-saturation...not enough oxygen in his blood. Sometimes when this happens his heart rate dips so, they wanted to figure out why. This morning Dr. Schwartz decided to test his blood, I can't remember the technical term but, in layman's terms...he wanted to see how much oxygen his blood was caring. The idea is that maybe his blood isn't able to carry the oxygen they are giving him and that's why he's desating. Turns out that's exactly the issue. There are a couple reasons for this, one is that they are taking a lot of blood for tests and two his bone marrow is still to small to create the blood he needs to do the job. So they've decided to do a blood transfusion...It's NOT as scary as it sounds! The nurse explained it to me this way.

You have 10 trucks that are carrying rocks across the quarry, he has only 5. They are getting the job done but, getting tired in the process. They are just going to give him a few truck to help out. His numbers were actually borderline. It's not an emergency to do this. They just decided to do it because he'll feel better faster that way.He'll be getting about 15ml of blood, that's about 2 tablespoons. He should start feeling better later on today. The transfusion will take about 4-5 hours, it'll go in his foot through an IV. Apparently preemies have this done often. The nurse said this is not an uncommon procedure around the NICU. So don't worry, he's a strong little dude..he's still the feistiest!

Oh I wanted to post a picture of his bed, it's beautiful!! And I love the monkey bedding Grammy gave him!!!

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  1. man i hope they find out exactly whats going on with Kye. It sucks that he's in the hospital but at least he's in a safe place where he's monitored all the time. I hope he gets better soon! also...your awesome for taking the time to do this blog and keeping your family and friends updated.....and the bed is soooo beautiful.