Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Wed 14th

The reason the last posts are so short is because I posted them from my phone. For some reason I can only type in the title area of the blog when accessing from my Mobile. Anyway, for one or another reason I couldn't get to a computer.

He's better today...not back to normal but, better.

This is yesterday...

You can't see it clearly but, there's a larger tube that goes into his mouth. It's attached to the aqua colored apparatus that's strapped and taped to his cute little cheeks. There are also numerous cords, hoses, and sticky probes attached to just about every available area of his tiny body. Not a pretty sight to say the least...BUT HE"S GETTING lets focus on that!

Throughout the night, when the nurses got in with him to change his diaper or whatever, he'd throw a fit. That's much more then he'd been doing before. Now that's more like our kye!! He's more active but, not back to his full potential just yet!

Today you can tell he doesn't feel great but, he's much more relaxed without the bulky ventilator.The fluid in his lung seems to be getting better and the air in his bowel is moving. All good news for sure! We still don't know the 'why' of it all though. They're going to keep him on IV nutrition for another few days and then try milk again. I believe Dr. Schwartz has decided to leave out the fortifier as well. Now we just wait for him to get stronger.
Looking more content today!
His last weight was 2bl 15.1 oz, that was Sunday. He probably won't be weighed again for another few days. The nutrition he's receiving through the IV has fat and calories in addition to all the good vitamins he needs so, he should continue gain. Breast milk is still the absolute best for him so they'll get him back on it as soon as possible! Mmmmm Ummm good!

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