Thursday, July 23, 2009

Thur July 23

Kye's doing good. I couldn't get the picture to upload :(
He weighs 3lb 11.5oz. He's got some chubby cheeks!! His breathing is good, he's at 2 liters and 25% oxygen with no de-sat's all night and today.
Daddy was going to learn infant massage this morning but Kye's temp was 97, a little cool so, they decided to hold off. The massage is to incorporate positive touch. Kye stresses out when they get in there to do his care (diaper, temp, etc..) It's common among preemies because their skin is extra sensitive, especially at first. At this point he can tolerate touch but, I think he's just so used to being annoyed or poked he assumes that's going to be the case when they get in with him. When he stresses out he arches his back, straightens his arms and legs out and completely tenses his entire body up and that could contribute to his reflux. Anyway, the massage is a great way to show him that not all touch is uncomfortable. There's a lady here that specializes in it and will come by periodically to massage him, even if we're not here...I know sounds weird but, she's awesome! We took a class with her and she's extremely knowledgeable in her field. I wonder if I could talk her into an adult massage...wonder what she'd do if I striped down to my skivvies and laid on the couch with some baby oil (only cause they have a lot of it here) next to me...I mean I'd have a towel on.

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  1. i miss you guys but it's awsome that you guys have a baby that doesn't look much like a monkey anymoe . Kye looks great and looks like he's growing good job re . Oh and zeke stop stressin so much because everything will work out it always does and now u have more than just me looking up to u . love u guys and if u need anything call me I love u all B.J.