Monday, July 13, 2009

Monday July 13th

Kye isn't feeling so good today. We still don't know exactly whats going on with him. The doctor doesn't seem to be overly concerned. He said his color is good, his white blood cell count is good, he's really not showing a lot of indicators of infection. His belly is distended and he hasn't pooped in awhile. They gave him a larger feeding tube to see if some of the air would come out, and it is.
He's acting a little more mellow then usual to so I know hes not feeling well.
The fluid in his lungs( we're pretty sure) is a result of him pulling his feeding tube out while he was 'eating.' It should clear up on it's own. That could have began a cycle....we're hoping anyway...The fluid in his lung caused him to breath shallow, which caused the nurses to raise his oxygen level, which MAY have forced air into his belly causing it to bloat.
Personally, I think the fortifier is messing with him again. The last time he was on it he wasn't pooping. I'm hoping that this is all, stop the fortifier, give him some glycerin, and some antibiotics and tomorrow he'll be back to his rambunctious self.
The doctor did order the glycerin and he decided not to start his feedings back up till he checks him in the no fortifier. Don't panic though they aren't letting him starve! His IV is feeding him everything he needs right now.
I did get a few smiles out of him!
His breathing is still a little worrisome, he keeps 'forgetting' to breathe. This is an indicator of an far the only one.
The test results will be in tomorrow and Dr. Schwartz ordered another x-ray to see how things are moving.

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