Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tue July 21

Well we had a nice run...Kye's back on oxygen :(. Oh well, give him a few more days, I suppose. He's been breathing a little fast and kind of grunting over the last day or so. These are indications that he's struggling a little to get air. The little sac's in his lungs just aren't fully developed and he has to work over time to make them work. Today he had a couple de saturation's so, to be safe, they put his oxygen back on. He's doing great though! He's going to get an eye exam today...weird right? Not the, 'cover your left eye and read as far as you can' kind of eye exam. They're just going to look in there and see if everything is developing as it should.


  1. Hang in there all three of you!!!!! This is going to make all three of ya so strong and close!

  2. Kye, I think your doing pretty fantastic....especially considering that your still suppose to be in mama's belly!