Friday, July 31, 2009

Oh my what is this!!!!

Kye got his first bottle today!! The nurse said he did better then most for his first time around. He drank almost his entire bottle with no incidents! I’m so excited! He’ll get one bottle a day to start out. They said because he has to do so many things at once, breath, swallow, and suck that he burns calories while he eats so they don’t want him to lose weight doing it! The doctor still has concerns about his weight so he’s putting him back on the fortifier. Not as much as before but, he feels even a little will be beneficial.

They haven’t gotten to the test., they’ll do it on Monday. Dr. Chao says it’s not his lung it’s his diaphragm that they see on the xray, so the test they do on Monday will show whats going on with it. He’s not overly concerned about anything right now. I’ll keep ya posted.

Oh yea, Uncle Mikey came to see him today!!!

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