Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sunday Aug 2

He’s doing great, still 3lbs 14 oz. The doctor put him on 2 hour feedings, which will go up in volume each hour, till he hits 25ml. He’s doing wonderful with bottle feeding too! The nurse was pretty impressed with him today…atta boy!!

He’s still on oxygen, which is really no big deal at his age.

He seems to be happier all around, the Zantac must be doing it’s job!

Had another visitor this weekend! Grandma Patty all the way from Colorado!

Tomorrow they’ll do an ultra sound to look at his abdomen/chest area. They were going to do an xray but, Dr. Chao spoke to the radiologist who suggested the ultra sound may be better to see what he’s looking for. I spoke to the doctor a little more about this and he said it’s nothing to worry about. The results will be more or less an explanation then anything. He explained it like this…your diaphragm is like a shelf between your abdomen and lungs, when you inhale it moves down to allow air intake and when you exhale it moves up. On Kye’s right side his diaphragm is curved upward, at least that’s what they think. The ‘spot on his lung’ or ‘fluid’ is actually part of his diaphragm. It’s completely harmless where it’s at. So this test will just explain the ‘spot’. It should correct itself over time.

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