Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Monday Aug 24 or early Tue

After bath!

He’s 5lbs 11.6oz. Dr. Schwartz ordered an xray for tomorrow and a switch to the low flow oxygen. He’s talking discharge people! Don’t get too excited there are a lot of things to do before that happens but this is the first time the ‘D’ words been muttered. There’s no date set for him to come home, we’re just going to begin the necessary steps. I’m pretty excited, I feel like for so long we’ve just been in limbo…kinda chill’n with no goal or focus. I’ve got something to look forward to now, something to root for. Right now we’re rooting for our little guy to do well on the low flow. Next may be taking 100% of his feedings by bottle or sleeping without the snuggly thingy. Who knows, today I’m focused on the oxygen and it feels good to actually see the hurtle we’re trying to get past.

As far as the xray goes, I don’t know what to hope for. Surgery will help him breathe easier sooner. If his lung is clearing up, that’s great. That means there’s a chance it could fix itself…over time…maybe. If it’s the same, that’s great...that means its not getting worse and it also means there’s a chance it could fix itself…it could also mean he’ll come back later and get surgery. If it’s worse, well then we’re in limbo again. They’ll try different things to get it cleared which might work and might not. And there’s probably still a chance it could fix itself. The thing is, for them to justify surgery it has to be considerably worse and causing him trouble, which it doesn’t seem to be based on how he’s doing. He’s stuck on oxygen but not as much as one would with a bad diaphragm. Am I confusing you? Good now you know how I feel.

Momma's boys...

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