Friday, August 28, 2009

Thursday Aug 27th

Kye LOVES his book!!!

WELL. His xray wasn't much different and he was NOT chipper and rejuvenated. Still desating and not having energy to finish his bottle. I'm so sad for him. Dr. Schwartz and I were discussing doing the surgery before going home. He seems to think thats the best course of action. I just want him to feel better. He spoke to the pulmonologist who decided to try the home oxygen before making the call one way or the other. They switched him today and so far so good. I had to go to work shortly after the switch so I don't know how he's acting but, he's had no desats at all and the nurse said he finished his bottle! I think they're going to let him ride awhile and see what happens. Sooo again we wait... ho hum

In other news, today is my due date!!! So gestationally it's Kye's birthday!!! ;-) I do wonder what it would have been like if everything went as planned. I know the chances of giving birth ON your due date are slim to none BUT what if...

I'd be about 160, at least. Probably tired and uncomfortable but, cute for a fat girl. I'd be ready to get him out but totally cherishing the little punches and kicks...I'd probably poke back! Zeke would be a mess but I'm sure he'd have everything together, my suitcase packed, gas tank full, and every groan I made he'd ask if it's time. He'd rub my big ole fat feet at night and kiss my belly good night. My water wouldn't break in public, that would be would be discrete and lady like. I'd get to the hospital in plenty of time, get my epidural and leisurely give birth to a 5 pound 15.7 oz baby boy.

YEA RIGHT!! I'd be 185 pounds, sweaty, with my hair slicked back into a tight pony tail. No make-up. Bitching every chance I get about how much this sucks, groaning at the boy's every move. Zeke would be telling me to quit whining and 'man up' as he picks out his own outfit for the big day. We'd have to stop by the store on our way to the hospital, where my water would explode onto the expencive shoes of a beautiful, thin brunette behind us in line. We'd finish paying of course, get into my car, and as soon as we get on the highway the gas light would come on, to which Zeke would mention that his car has plenty of gas. We'd get lost cause we didn't do a 'test drive' and get there just as the baby's head is crowning. Zeke would go running in with my suitcase and forget me in the car. I'd begin my trek to the entrance, he'd realize what happened and rush out with a wheelchair slamming it into my shin cause he couldn't stop in time. We get inside, in a room, the doctor would come in and announce that it's to late for an epidural...three days and four arguments later out comes a 5 pound 15.7 ounce baby boy...
I have no doubt this is how it would have happened! ;-)
Yes he weighs 5lbs 15.7 oz today!!!


  1. That was great - I hope it's not a predictor of how my labor and delivery will go! Based off my weight...yeah, you'd probably be around 185 (I hope...or I'd be mad!! I'm not even going to TELL you what I weigh right now - only that I weigh more than my husband!)

  2. That's got to be the funniest story I've heard in a long time and yep it sounds about right!!!
    I still haven't met you Kye but I will soon when you're feeling better! I love you man ;)

  3. Carolyn I’m sure you’ll have a few things to look back and laugh at but nothing traumatic! You guys wouldn’t be you if there wasn’t a story in it somewhere!

    And Tosh, I can’t wait for him to meet you and yours!!!! I love you!!

  4. That was such a cute post Maria! Y'all are a hoot!! LOL