Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Monday aug 10

Today was a great day! His xray looked good, his left side’s better. Oh and his left lung was never collapsed, the nurse was mistaken, there was a small amount of fluid from lying on that side to much. So that’s not as bad as I thought. His right lung is a little better but the diaphragm is still in the same place. Dr. Chao has ordered a CAT scan for later this week so they’ll have a 3D image of his chest. I don’t know exactly what they hope to find, maybe an answer to why this happened or even better maybe they’ll see that it’ll fix itself! He said they should know if it’s going to work itself out by the end of this month. This means Kye will not be going home on or around his due date. We’re not happy about it but, what ever he needs to do is ok with us. He’s maintaining his temperature just fine. We’ve got to work on his breathing…obviously…and his eating(on his own), which is going well but, for his age should be better but, it isn't because of his breathing, which is….well you get it, it’s a circle, a damn vicious circle! It’ll work out though, I have no doubts!

Anyway, I got to give him a bath all by myself! Yeaaaa..uh.. what? I mean without back up? To the nurse I acted completely collected, no prob, I got this…. inside I freaked. So with a little fear in my gut I got the water ready. I tested it on my wrist, then with my hand, then my elbow (as recommended by great grandma) then the temp gadget stuck to the side of the ‘tub’ that is really a large Tupperware thingy you’d put a ton of cookies in. I decided the water was good so I stripped the boy down and dipped him in. So far so good, I got my soap, my shampoo, about 35 wash cloths, a blanket, his binky, the nurse call button, and a fresh diaper waiting. With binky in mouth (his), left hand holding baby and a soapy wash cloth in the right I began at the bottom…literally, when what do I see??? My little man decides to pee. So now Im looking at this slippery, wiggly, pee ridden baby sucking on his binky looking at me, “What cha gonna do now, Ma?” And I’m contemplating my options, I could swish the water around and ignore it, I’m pretty sure this will happen again and again and again or…but the sink is so far away…at about this time come the bubbles. I lift a leg (his) expecting to be horrified and all I see are harmless air bubbles rising to the top, whewww….that would have been…oh and there it is, green and yellow swooshes exploding against the end of the tub and swirling up toward my hand. EEEWWWWW so out comes the slippery, wiggly, binkyless, crying baby and where else can I put him but right up against my chest I have no other choice, poop/pee and all. So in the end out came a nice clean baby and a wet mommy who now knows to bring the bath tub closer to the sink.

Oh and he weighs 4lb 9.5oz ;-)


  1. ahhhhh, the life of a mother with a new baby, they are full of surprises!!!

  2. To funny...welcome to my world ;) Gotta love motherhood. I bet you wouldn't have changed a second of that!!!!

  3. By the way that comment is from Tosha ;)

  4. That was like reading a great book with the funniest ending....GLAD IT WAS YOU AND NOT ME...
    Well not really I wont mind a little poop from the boy.
    Love Aunt Kim

  5. Do you know that I actually used a thermometer?

    I was so freaked out I thought for sure I was going to boil the baby because I like to take my baths so hot. I really didn't believe I was going to be able to tell the temp.

    New motherhood is an amazing thing :-)

  6. Yea, I half expected him to start screaming and the nurses to come running at me when I first put him in! "Step away from the baby!"