Thursday, August 13, 2009

Wed Aug 12..actually 13th

The CAT scan went well; they had to put an IV in for it though. He wasn’t thrilled with that at all! They told me it was because they were doing a contrast CAT scan so I guess it was used to inject a ‘dye’ of some kind. I’m not real clear on it and I had to take off for work so I wasn’t able to get my questions answered. He’s in good hands though so we’ll just have to wait and see what the results are, we should hear something today. I’m told they’re not looking for anything specific, just a better look at the diaphragm.

Anyway, he’s growing! He’s up to 4lb 12.5oz! Can you believe it? He’s almost doubled in size! He’s also taking both of his bottles like a big boy!

Well, if I get a chance I’ll run upstairs and write something before I head off to work but, don’t get worried if you don’t hear from me. Sometimes they do rounds late and if that’s the case I won’t even know anything before I have to leave. They didn’t do his CAT scan till 4:30pm!


  1. You're doing great Kye!!!!!
    Love Tosha

  2. girl i am so sorry you have to watch your son get poked and proded like that. but it seems like he's one happy baby. hmmmmm....that couldn't be from all that love his mom and dad give him!!!