Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Tue Aug 18

Well the pulmonologist called me!! Yeaaaa. I'm at work so I'm going to keep this short. He said the reason to wait is to give the diaphragm a chance to start working on it's own. It could take a few months to see if it will or not. So, if they do surgery now that would hinder, instead of help his lungs. His xray is better so thats good news, he's eating more and more,and thats also good news...he's still on the same amount of of oxygen, which is a lot for him but not a lot for a baby who's lung is compromised. We're just watching him for now.
He was a smiley boy today and he made Momma a nice big poo!!


  1. you came into our world struggling for air,with courage and a big heart you survived a scare.Your will to live and be with us, inspires me so very much.It must have been hard to go from mommies warmth to thin air,when I saw you with tubes it didnt seem fair. But you fought for your life.Making our problems so small by comparison.We all hope that you to know we would do anything for you.
    With Gods help above you'll conquer any sea.
    Maria Zeke and Kye you've reminded all of us of the way life and love needs to be.
    With all my love and prayers everyday Aunt Kim

  2. the pic you posted previously of kye....the one with his hair done and new outfit on is one of my favorites. i think he's gonna be a chunky monkey!