Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Monday Aug 17

Got my hair did, my new fit on, I'm feeling snazzy and ready for a big dinner...hhhmmm, all dressed up and no place to go!!! But boy don't I look ah-frickn-dorable!!! I think this is the first and last time he'll be able to wear this outfit, cool huh?!

Here he is checking out his jungle mobile. It's really awesome to watch him hit these mile stones, the nurses are amazed at how alert and focused he is!

I just called to check on him and he's 5lbs 3oz!!! Just look at his little meaty legs! Ohhh, who knew socks could be so darn cute!

We're still waiting to talk to the pulmonologist, apparently he's a very important and busy man...We called his office today and tried to set a time but, we didn't get very far. His Secretary basically said we'll have to 'catch' him doing rounds. I'm getting impatient to be quiet honest. If I don't see him tomorrow or at least nail down a time I may have to let the 'Arcobasso' out for a bit! Nobody wants that ;-)

His xray was better today, both of his lungs look like they've improved, which is a nice surprise. I was expecting the right one to remain the same. He's still holding steady on about 30% oxygen at 3 to 4 liters of flow and he's taking bottles like he's not going to get another!


  1. Ain't he precious? His favorite great aunt wishes she could come see him and smooch him all over his little punkin head. But I can't so you guys do it for me!! Great Aunt Peggy

  2. I kiss this boy all over his little face all the time..I'm just gett'n him ready for you!!!