Saturday, August 15, 2009

Sat Aug15

"Great Grandma Knight got to hold me...My collection of cuddles(phaze 1) is almost know who you are and I'm waiting!" ;-) He's been sitting in his bouncer allot lately!
Nurse Mary suggested it and I'm so glad she did. He seems to really enjoy the vibration helps 'move things along' after he eats! When Daddy came up the other night he said he smelled this horrible smell out in the hall, turns out it was his son! He made a humongous poo, special just for dad! It was so bad the nurses were talking about it...the NEXT day!
He is his fathers son, it's official!

I heart my bouncer

Well, unfortunately Dr. Chao’s opinion was wrong. The pulmonologist said that for Kye’s lung to grow properly he’ll need the surgery. Your lungs grow by expanding and if his can’t expand well… it doesn't grow. So the boy will go under the knife. We just don’t know when. It may be before he comes home or it could be ‘before his first birthday’. It’s a waiting game, just keeping an eye on things and reassess as needed. I think the main reason to wait would be his size, I see no other reason for it really. If size isn’t an issue, I think getting it out of the way soon so his lungs can start healing a.s.a.p. makes good sense BUT, I’m not a doctor. I’m going to make an appointment to talk to the pulmonologist next week to get more specific information.

He’s probably going to come home on oxygen, it’s not set in stone but a strong possibility. So we need to get him off of the high humidity he’s on and on to the no-flow one. Right now he’s on 4 liters of flow at 28% oxygen. Dr. Chao has ordered a drop in liter flow and increase in oxygen until he's off and as long as he can tolerate it of course. If he doesn't do well with it they’ll probably do the surgery before he goes home.

On all other accounts he's doing fabulous! He's 4lbs 15oz and eating more then 3 bottles a day. We can give him a bottle for as many feedings as he can take, as long as it doesn't wear him out too much. Now that he's had one, theres no turning back! He sure knows when it's time to eat! I'm willing to bet he'll be 5lbs on or before Monday!

All of this is pretty crappy and very scary for us. It’s hard to look into his big eyes and believe there's a surgery in his future. He looks so perfect and happy. It breaks my heart to imagine what he’s going to go through. I just want to take it all away for him. In the end he’ll be a normal healthy kid running around getting dirt on everything; in the mean time it’s just one foot in front of the other. I can’t let my head get the best of me.

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