Monday, August 10, 2009

Sunday Aug 9

He’s 4lb 7.5oz! They kicked his food up to 40ml and he took about 25 today by bottle. Tomorrow we get to feed him twice with the bottle!

He’s on 4liters of flow at 28%oxygen.they started his breathing treatment yesterday and WOW does he hate that!. The medicine is inhaled using CPAP, continuous positive airway pressure. It’s hard to describe but, the face mask has to seal tight onto his face in order for it to work properly. The mask is a little to big for his little mug; it almost completely covers his eyes. They have to use a fair amount of pressure to seal it so, as you can imagine it’s not the most pleasant thing he’s experienced. The first time I seen it done, I had to stop myself from asking them to quit. It’s not hurting him but, you couldn’t tell it from the way he cried. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that shade of purple. My poor baby. The next time I was there for it I held him, he handled it better or maybe he’s getting used to it, I don’t know. He gets it ever six hours. They’re suppose to do an xray in the morning, we’ll see what’s going on then.

Besides all of the clinical crap he’s a really happy boy. He’s on the full fortifier plus protein (we must’a fatten you up!) and tolerating them just fine. He didn’t poo as often as he usually does today but when he did it was impressive!:-) Nothing getting clogged here!

Grumpy face!!


  1. He is one cute cookie... It is wonderful how happy he looks..We love the weight keep it up !!!!!
    Love Aunt Kim

  2. LOL, when I'm reading this blog, I'm reading from the bottom up (ha, what a good girl am I), so I first came to his sad face, I frowned. Then I saw his happy face, I smiled. Then I laughed at myself ;-) He always brings a smile to my face. Just an amazing little boy.