Saturday, August 8, 2009

Friday Aug 7th

He’s 4lb 5.2oz and he’s doing great with the bottle feedings! He’ll be 5lbs before we know it!! Today he took almost the entire bottle, which is 35ml. I think he got 30ml’s in before falling asleep! Yesterday he took the whole thing! I think we’re going to try feeding him a bottle two times a day next week!

His oxygen is at 30% with 3 liters of flow. It’s more then he was on before but, still not a lot according to the staff here. They've turned the flow up to see if the extra pressure will help inflate the damaged areas in his lungs. The xray they did yesterday showed a small spot on his LEFT lung. They think it’s a result of lying on that side so much; which they did to relieve pressure on his right side. They changed the order to rotate him to all sides except his right. He’ll get another xray on Monday and we’ll see where we’re at. Besides that he’s awesome! We've been slowly decorating his room, here is a picture of his crib with all his fun stuff. One of his favorite nurses, Andrea, made the sign in back for him. Isn't it sweet!

He loves the monkey mobile!

He just stares…


  1. In the top picture he looks like he's cheering...sayin' "let's go mom"!!!!!

  2. Yea, he's excited about gaining weight too!

  3. I am so happy to hear how Kye is doing....he will be home before you know it.....Lisa

  4. These pics are great Maria. Makes me wanna kiss, kiss, kiss that li'l boy. WHAT A TROOPER!!!