Thursday, August 6, 2009

Thur Aug 6th

Kye seems to be handling the thumping treatment really well! I was holding him yesterday while they did it; he was all smiles and actually fussed a little when the guy stopped! Crazy little guy! Dr. Dryer added a breathing treatment to the regimen too. It’s just a nebulizer, meant to add a little pressure to his lung in hopes of filling some of the balloons back up and prevent more collapse. He’s in really good spirits; I haven’t seen him smile this much since before he got sick. I think he’s completely back to his old self…as much as he can considering his ‘old self’ is all around pretty new!

I spoke to Dr. Dryer a little more yesterday; I’m not all that alarmed with what’s going on with Kye. I mean I’m concerned and I wish it didn’t happen but, it’s not life changing or life threatening…just a ugly bump but, just a bump non the less. He said that normally when a baby has this he’s been on a ventilator and can’t get off of it. Dr. Dryer even said Kye’s way past that and he doesn’t see him going back to it. He’s just not acting like a kid having trouble. He did tell me this isn’t something they see everyday so, it’s not as common as I originally thought. That’s a little unnerving only because they don’t have a plan to fix it that’s tried and true. All in all, it’s not life threatening, it won’t hinder his growth or the normalcy of his growing up; he’s not going to be the kid wearing oxygen in gym class.

AND so far our goal is to have him home this month. It’s still possible! Right now I’m looking for pediatricians so Dr. Dryer can look them over and recommend one for me, if anyone has any suggestions that would be helpful. Right now I’m looking into Doctors that have a specialty in pulmonology (respiratory). I’m just looking online though so…

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  1. I am happy Kye is feeling better and smiling ;) LIisa