Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Wed Aug 19

Not much to report. The doctors didn't order any changes. He's going to get another xray on Monday, thats about it.

He weighs 5lbs 5.2oz

We had 'play time' this afternoon. He was up and alert after he ate, just looking around and making faces! He's usually out cold after he eats so this was fun! Daddy went up later and he was kinda fussy. We think he's still having issues with reflux. He gets Zantac and Mylanta but, Daddy said sometimes they give him the Mylanta through his tube. He should be getting it by mouth so, we'll have to keep an eye on them.
The nurse also told him that during a previous bottle feeding, he had an episode of desaturation. It was right before she came on duty at 7pm. He had about half the bottle down when he started coughing, his oxygen saturation level went to 49 and his heart rate dipped to 79. What probably happened is that 'it went down the wrong tube', and it just really caught him off guard. Poor baby! So they gave his next couple of feedings through his tube.

Ohh big yawn!

Oh tomorrow is his 2 month birthday!!!!

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