Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sunday Aug 23

"Wait, I'm not ready for my photo yet! Where's that mirror at? I need the Can a baby get a little help around here?"
We had a good weekend. The boys feeling better after his shots and eating like a mad man.
He's now 5lbs 10oz! He's growing out of his clothes already!

There aren't any new orders so far we'll see what they say on Monday.

Here's a little video of kye checking out his monkey Mobile.

Grammy and grandpa Ron came by, oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! "Grandpa Ron said he's gonna buy me a pony!! YIPEEEEE"
...Um pull it back, man, just pull. It. Back.
Lets get him out of the hospital first!

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  1. ben and i just watched the video.......he's has come so far, to seem so alert and moving around like that is awesome!