Saturday, August 29, 2009

Sat Aug29th

This is our 100th post!!!

Exciting, huh?!

It's been an eventful couple of days!

First, I have some splaining to do! A while back, on one of Kye's xrays, the radiologist said he saw what appears to be a hernia. Its very common in preemies boys. His doctors couldn't feel anything so they decided to keep an eye on it. A lot of times the hernia will rectify itself. If you’re not clear on what a hernia is, let me school you. A hernia is actually part of the bowel that gets pulled down into the testie area. For a preemie the bowel sort of follows the testical as it drops into place. Eventually the hole they drop through wants to close and if the bowel doesn't slip back into place it gets pinched, twisted or kinked. This can completely or partially block the natural course of things, if you know what I mean.

The doctors waited because, like I said its possible it’ll go back on it’s own but also because it could simply be a fatty deposit. Only time would tell, so they kept watching and on Thursday they decided there was definitely something there and they needed a better look. They ordered an ultrasound and found that it was indeed a hernia. Now they have to decide if it's worth operating on. The surgeon came by, they sat down on Friday morning and discussed options. I got a call (I was at work) Friday at 11:30am, they decided to operate. The reason for the rush was because they were pretty convinced the opening was closing and it didn’t look like the hernia was going anywhere. He had been uncomfortable the past couple days, desating, and generally not himself and they think this is the reason.

So they wanted to take him by 12:30! Well Zeke's sick and can't come to the hospital so he was freaking out. I had only one client so I took off after that and made it there to sign papers and go down with him. I held him up until the moment they scooted him into the OR. The procedure, they told me is a simple one and takes only about 20 min once they have him prepped. They didn't put him under anesthetic they used something similar to an epidural except they go no where near the spine and all of the dangerous nervous there. Anyway, I kept in contact with poor daddy and Grammy and Grandma came up and waited with me. It took a little longer then I was expecting and just as I was getting a little panicky out came the surgeon. He said the reason it took more time is because his appendix was attached to the bottom of his right testicle...seriously! Your appendix is naturally attached to the bottom of your bowel so that’s how kye got a hernia! Poor kid! Well they took out his appendix that’s one less thing to worry about later!!

He was really pitiful after. They were only giving him Tylenol, which I thought was crazy but, what do I know.

We just tried to make him as comfortable as possible. Later they did decide to give him something a little stronger, just a one time thing though. He finally went to sleep around eight, and Grandma and I went home to eat Zekes homemade pasta. Which, by the way was AWESOME!!

Kye's doing great today! Eating good, smiling, and sating perfectly. Daddy’s feeling better and hoping to get up to see his boy soon.

So that’s been our last few days; a little stressful but it’s over now. Well kinda, since Zeks’s been sick we’re sleeping in different rooms. I’m in the creepy basement..I’d think he was just being mean if it weren’t for not being able to go see Kye!!! He’s got it made in our bedroom, video game set up, dog on the bed with him, and the entire first season of the Sopranos…makes you wonder doesn’t it? If he weren’t so miserable about not seeing Kye I’d think this is a cruel joke! I mean, I got attacked by a cricket the first night down here! OK not ACTUALLY attacked but, it was close. He was planning his course of action, I could see it in his beady little cricket eyes.

I gotta go to sleep!!

Oh yea, he's 6 POUNDS 2.4 OZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Kyes over 6 lbs....YEAH
    Nasty ol appendix gone, who needs it anyway...
    Daddy sick bboo hhoo, or just putting Mommie in the basement?
    Kyes second picture priceless....
    Love Aunt Kimmy N Scott

  2. I am so happy Kye's surgery went well....we are rooting for you little man....speedy recovery Lisa

  3. hey i'm sooo glad everything went okay. that's awesome....six pounds. wasn't it just like yesterday you were rooting for 3 pounds? ben got to see him the other day and said it was like visiting a different baby, that's great. i hope zeke gets well soon...oh yes and kye too!

  4. Sleep on the couch! You could not PAY me to sleep in our basement. Glad the surgery went well. That issue may have been causing some of the other problems.

  5. For sure! I think he'll eat better and have less reflux....making him a happier boy!

  6. awww, poor little guy had really been thru it huh? again, what a li'l trooper. that must've been soooo hard on Zeke to miss that surgery, but there are things that suck, right? ;-) and ewwww, sleeping in the basement, yeah, yuk! I wouldn't wanna sleep in mine. :-( what a trooper YOU are LOL