Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Tuesday July 28th

Haven't gotten his weight yet. The xray was the same so they'll do the swallow test tomorrow. That'll tell us if its acid re-flux. The doctors don't actually know whats going on with him exactly. He said today he could simply be hungry...so they upped his feedings to 11.5ml and they're thinking of trying to feed him orally. Since he's on continuous feeds now what they'll do is stop the machine for an hour or so, then try to feed him (also turn it back on). We'll see how that goes. It would be nice if that's all thats causing his fussiness and desaturations. I have my fingers crossed! Dr. Chao said he'd like to see him gain about 6 oz a week...and so would I!!
They put him in a crib!! Yeaaa... as long as he can maintain his temp he'll be fine. This big bed swallows him up!!


  1. He's so sweet! I can't wait til he can go home and we can all come see him!!! We love you Kye :)

  2. I love his new Crib!!!!



  3. I can't wait either!!!!! He's a big boy in his new crib...just that much closer!