Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sunday July 26..later

Today was a good day!!
For Zeke's birthday Eli and I made him breakfast, I know scary but, it turned out pretty good! Then we went to the Mills, rode go carts, played putt-putt, and wasted some coin on video games!Oh yeah and I made'm a cake! All in all it was a great day.

Later I gave Kye a bath and tucked him in. Here he is after his bath. He seems to be feeling better tonight. I don't think he's back to his complete self but, closer. They've taken him off the IV fluids and upped his milk to 9ml over an hours time. Next step is every two hour feeding instead of continuous. They'll do an xray tomorrow to check out his belly and chest, to see if he's refluxing.


  1. wow, look at those big beautiful eyes! Kye... for being such a trouble maker u sure are pretty!

  2. He is huh!!! I think he's going to be spoiled...