Wednesday, July 22, 2009


3lbs 10oz!!! Yeaaaa look at this fluffy boy!! Well things are pretty good. His feeds are goin up as planned!

The spot in his lungs is back though... They think he's aspirating his milk. The theory at this point is that he's re-fluxing his milk then breathing it in. It's not a huge deal right now. It's pretty normal for preemies, usually they grow out of it. So, we'll keep an eye on him for now.


  1. You go Kye man, 4LBS. is right around the corner.Whats with the smirk do you have something in your diaper for Momma....
    We love you little man
    Aunt Kim Uncle Scott

  2. You go boy!!!!! Soon you guys are gonna have to clean between his rolls :)

  3. Love that little smile on his face!
    Pat K